By Ogungbile Emmanuel Oludotun

It’s always very lamentable whenever you take a quick ramble across your neighborhood on a sun-drenched day, and thus you espies different categories of young, old, women and men who had once shone with kaleidoscope of brilliancy but are now unfortunately stranded on the streets with the farthest mental illness which are frequently sponspored by depression and its attachable agents. You cannot but affirm wretchedness at their despicable and chronic states each time you see them manifest their unconscious and dramatic scenes. The worrisome confirmation or fact we must know is that the youths are most vulnurable, susceptible and affected with this condition of depression, as they’re infected everyday, sweltering on the streets and swaddling the colours of derangement. Consequently, the recent and unceremonious upsurge of mental illnesses have thus enrage my protest and charges against the silent-killing depression proliferating like some intensed forest flares.

Today, depression should not be a queer word to any of my readers, as it chiefly construe to a state of mind producing serious periods of unhappiness or low morale which lasts longer than several days and may include ideation of self-inflicted injury, wonted behaviours or even resolving to suicide. It’s worrisome and relatively miserable that many are blatantly identified with some depression health concerns from time to time, yet this depression grows its unflinching wings to becoming a suicidal case or a mental itching illness. Provokingly, maybe I’m the most inflamed when I see a friend or an acquaintance soaked delightedly but unconsciously in a dirty blouse or shirt, variegated wrapper or trouser singing or rapping insanely to the birds flaunting in the air. it’s such a doleful stound that we’ve all watched depression sprout and cause miserable and dappling problems in people’s life which are sourced by puzzling circumstances encountered at school, when you couldn’t dispense an academic situation, at work, when different incontrovertible pressures comes from the boss or colleages, and perhaps in mind cracking relationships when the trusted ones decides to puncture your passioned heart. Seemingly, it’s sombre to note that in most cases, no one tends to perfectly comprehend their situations, even from the best of psychologists. According to an official of the ministry of health, Abdulaziz Abdullahi, who stated some times ago at the mental health action committee and stakeholders workshop that three in every ten Nigerians suffer from one form of mental disorder(depression) or the other. He further confirmed that In Nigeria, an estimated 20–30 per cent of our population are believed to suffer from mental disorders caused mostly by depression. This is a very significant number, considering that Nigeria has an estimated population of 200 million. Unfortunately, the attention given to mental and physical wellbeing in Nigeria is inadequate, and thus by 2020, it is estimated that common mental disorders such as depression will disable more people than complications arising from HIV/AIDS, heart disease, accidents, and wars combined

Evidently, our friends are distressing in disquietude pains which are wellspringed by depression, and I’m most opined about this depression as a factor of mental illnesses and suicidal action. Depression is a weighty fettle, which unfortunately associates with mental itches, out of scence behaviours and assisted death. The World Health Organization characterizes depression as one of the most disabling disorders in the world, affecting roughly one in five women and one in ten men at some point in their lifetime. No wonder our buddies or even our celebrated celebrities are caught by depression which they can barely manage. Men and women of every age, educational level, social and economic background suffer from depression and it seems that there’s no measure of life that does not suffer when depression is present. This mental state has come to stay in homes, life and personality intervening people with unmerited sadness, overwhelming hopelessness and guilt, poisioned moodiness, loss of interests in friends and unnecessary anger outbursts. Research says that as exerting as depression claims to be, recognizing the real victims of depression can sometimes prove uphill or tasking to identify. For instance emotional highs and lows experienced by victims of depression are often confused with mood swings, particularly during adolescence.Therefore we can hardly recognise the sufferers of depression, however there is a popular saying that depressed people are the most funniest people on earth, which tends to own its iota of truth.

At this stage of sincerity, it will be insensate of me to calling out the government on this dimensional issue, frankly speaking, government can barely do nothing, all imperative responsibities lies on the community. Thus it’s a necessary necessity for the communities to helping a loved one with depression, providing them with the undefinedand healthy assisants. Many depressing states go unnoticed because the sufferer is simply unaware their symptoms aren’t normal. They might feel the need to internalize the problems they’re having for fear others won’t understand, or they might not see the pattern of dysfunction their behavior is causing in their everyday life. It’s vital for friends and family members to speak up when they see a problem because that’s often the only way a person will realize the need for help. While it’s important to encourage your loved one to get help, also understand healing is a process that takes time. The healing process of a depressed condition really requires commitment and patience on the part of the friends and family, and to continue giving your support even if your loved one is frustrated due to not seeing positive changes soon enough. On the other hand, if a treatment option appears not to be effective, the best thing you can do is suggest your loved one speak with his or her mental health provider. Conclusively, allievating depression in our society is a big task that we must stand up and kick against, like we do for other life threatning diseases. By involving ourselves, we are sure to have a society of mentally healthy personalities.


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