By:  A’isha Babátúndé

Following the annulment of the current executive council of Obafemi Awolowo Hall, University of Ibadan by the Hall Management, the council has released a statement, apologising to residents of the hall for falling short in the fulfilment of their mandates.

The statement titled “Apology to All Amazing Awoites” was released in the early hours of today, March 12, 2019 and had generated mixed reactions from Awoites (residents).

“We, the dissolved members of the Executive Council of Obafemi Awolowo Hall, wish to tender our unreserved apology to all residents of this prestigious hall. We are deeply remorseful about all the recent happenings that led to the dissolution, and apologise to you Awoites about the packages and the delay in the delivery of T-shirts which was delivered not too long ago,” the statement reads.

The dissolved executive expressed their bitterness for “not performing to expectations” and their “shortcomings, as well as, wrong deeds during the period of service to the hall;” they believed that “everything good we did are all to the glory of God.”

They, however, appreciated the residents for taking a chance on them and for their “unflinching supports and prayers throughout the period,” and encouraged the residents to continue to live in peaceful co-existence and harmony.

While some lauded their courage and advised they “work on their shortcomings for posterity’s sake,” others took no pity at the dissolved executive.


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