By A’isha Babátúndé

A new interim government has been constituted in Obafemi Awolowo Hall, University of Ibadan on Friday, following the decision of the Hall Management on the laxities of the Student Executive Council.

The Hall Warden, Dr Doyin Aguoru, in a release, announced the dissolution of the Borokinni-led administration over unaccountability of funds and inability to produce acceptable packages as souvenir to residents.
The executive apparently were unwilling to cooperate with committees set up to look into the matters and grievances of the residents of the hall – this in itself presupposed “insubordination” to constituted authority.

“The committees set up were unable to resolve the issues (grievances on package) because key members of the executive did not make themselves available and did not render their accounts for the committee to make progress,” the release reads.

Dr Aguoru, in her address to the Awolowo Hall Finalists Platform, disclosed that the Hall Management held an emergency meeting on Thursday, March 7, 2019 where “it was decided that the Executives should be dissolved and an interim leadership body be put in place. The Borokini-led administration received the dissolution letters on Friday 8th March and replied immediately with an apology. However, the Dean of Students (Prof. Ajuwape) and some members of the Hall Management upheld the dissolution particularly as more damaging reports came in.”

The dissolved Executive Council which was headed by Miss Funmilayo Borokini, a Masters student of Philosophy, came on board on February 28, 2018 and had since been heavily criticised for the“poor conduct” of their administration. Earlier, Awo Press had reported the reactions of Awoites (residents) towards the distribution of tissue papers and evaluation of the administration ever since, in many of its reports.

Meanwhile, Miss Bibire Akinbobola (a former Vice President of the hall–successful 2016/2017 executives) has been appointed as the Interim leader to oversee the affairs of the hall till election is conducted for the next set of executive. A 500 level student of Veterinary Medicine, Miss Akinbobola as the Vice President then, was applauded for her efforts in organising a befitting hall week in 2017 and has since taken over effectively on Saturday, March 9, 2019; responding briskly to the issues arising from the ravaging storm.

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