By: Ayeni Otito-Jesu

From Gaza, Iraq and Syria in Western Asia, to Central African Republic, Sudan and Nigeria in Africa, and Ukraine in Eastern Europe, children have been bombed, beheaded, fired at and slaughtered mercilessly with no human feeling. Perhaps being born in these countries has now become a crime. With every passing breath, the death toll keeps rising and this includes unborn babies in the womb. Our future is determined by what we do in this present time and if we fail to take action to develop the present, we cannot save our future.

According to the Oxford dictionaries, future can be referred to as the events that will or are likely to happen in time to come and also a condition, especially of success or failure, to come.

An effective way to save our future is to encourage Agriculture. Katherine Paul, an associate director of the Organic Consumers Association, In the United States on 24th December, 2017 said: “No talk of global warming solutions is complete without addressing agriculture—both its contribution to global warming and its potential for solving the crisis, thereby leaving a platform for the coming generation to enjoy the fertility of the land and help save our future”. Thus, we can say that for us to solve the problem of global warming, agriculture is one of the journeys to embark on to reach a wonderful destination. Because, agriculture not only gives riches to a nation but the only riches she can call wonderful. Therefore, we need to work today so as to save our tomorrow from being damaged.

Ashton Lee, a global Economist, few years ago gave an instance of a youth of China today, having grown up with two parents and four grandparents to catered for them and also grow up with much more choice and freedom as a result of the economic growth of the nation. The youth have only seen things go up. They have not experienced a real time of national trial or extreme downturns. They are more likely to be optimistic than their parents and grandparents, much more likely to save less. Our future can as well affect our past due to some laid down criteria which were not put in place for the coming generation to follow. An hierarchy of terms requesting for kingship in a land is been shut down due to the lack of effectiveness by the past rulers who have failed to show the present generation how it is done so as to show others who are on their way. They then end up having no success in the future because of the inefficiency of the past; because for every success, there have been a thousand and one failures in the past.

Finally, as every generation goes by, there tend to be a change of action in the present. The life of the past can affect the life of the present but the life in the present if lived in the right way, can change the orientation of the past to get a better future. Therefore, for us to save our future, we need to save our today.


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