On the 14th of February, 2019, Professor Yemi Osinbanjo Support Groups Representatives in conjunction with the Progressive Students Movement (APC) University of Ibadan distributed rice, provisions, and vests to students (not traders, not farmers) of the University of Ibadan to vote the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the forthcoming general election. Majority of the PYO Support Group and the students are youths and educated too. Yet, they parade themselves as progressives, learned, enlightened, educated and the best. But with rice, vests and provisions our votes are bought.

These rice distributors and collectors who are Students and youths will still complain of denial of political right and opportunities to participate in policy formulation and decision-making in the country which directly or indirectly affect them.

If students can collect rice to vote for a candidate, I am pessimistic about the morrow. These is because Majority of the people that participated in this deceptive scheme are either student leaders or followers who stand the chance of occupying different political positions in our country in the nearest future.

This therefore brings to mind the question of whether the youths truly have future in this country? If this could happen at the center of the citadel of learning, then we have reached the end point of our hopes.

Some will argue that collecting rice does not mean voting for them. Brother, better don’t wear Agbada of self-deceit. Hardly will a prostitute collect money from a potential client without sleeping with the client. You have collected rice and you claim to be progressive yet your pride and integrity have been reduced to the value of rice, vests and provisions. With your acclaimed knowledge and level of education, you descended so low to feed with maggots. What an endless bazaar of shame?

Sadly, these students just returned from over three months of industrial action, precipitated by non-compliance with the MOU signed between the Federal Government and the ASUU. Bros, were you not fed at home? Were you walking naked at home? Didn’t you take provisions at home? At least, a sachet of cowbell milk is still N 50 if not less.

Bros, while you were away from school, another University where animals will be trained to worth more than you was approved. The University is known as Ranch University. About Fifty Billion was said to have been approved for ranching and yet you had to stay at home for over 3 months for the value of the animals to be tested.

Sorry, what makes you think you worth more than those animals? (With all due respect) Maybe you don’t because some animals are dressed in clothes these days, they even eat provisions either intentionally served or stolen. Needless to say that rice is a common food for most animals nowadays.

Maybe, maybe not, you belong to one of the animal species since the time you spend in the University offers you zero opportunity to understand the value of Self dignity, pride, integrity, self-worth, ethics and good conscience.

Dear rice collectors and distributors, while will you demean the pride, integrity, image, sanctity, solemnity and sanity of the premier University in the garden of selfish interest? Why not far away Daura or your mother’s kitchen to crucify the hard earned values of your self-respect (If you have any) You have sold your self-worth.

You see, the problem is the educated not really the uneducated. Think about it. Professor Yemi Osinbanjo Support Groups Representatives in conjunction with the Progressive Students Movement (APC) came to a “UNIVERSITY” to distribute rice, vests and provisions to University Students to vote the APC. KEYWORDS: “Professor, Students, University”. For me, this group is not formed in the interest of students but for their selfish political gains.

As stated earlier, majority of the participants in this deceptive scheme are student leaders and followers. Rather than rice, while not ask the PYO Support Group to facilitate a permanent bridge at the popular Zik River, why not ask them to renovate our lecture theatres or install street lights along Queen Idia/Obafemi Awolowo Hall axis or facilitate new borehole projects in our halls of residence or renovate the students Union bus stop which has nearly lost its glory or institute scholarship schemes to aid the indigent students among us and other litany of predicaments which confront the students. This points to the level of degeneration in the qaulity and thinking of some of our student leaders. Remember that you were elected in the interest of the people not for your personal profits and interest. I am not a saint either but the interest of our followers must be the priority. Opportunities must be taken advantage of to cater for the interest of the people who elected us.

Dear rice, vest and provision distributors and collectors, your values are now less than a used toilet roll (Tissue paper) kindly hide your face. You are the problem of Nigeria.

Please before you act, “Think”

Valentine Igbonekwu


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