Purpose driven people succeed, love driven individuals are outstanding, Volunteers Hub Africa is passionate about the two, hence, the outstanding successes.

In the beginning, the vision to have a conglomerate of selfless people committed to societal good dropped in the subconsciousness of a young African woman; Nzom, Busayo Chinenye. The pieces of thoughts then are what had become one of the best things to happen to our world in recent time. It has changed the face of volunteering. It redefined the concept of selflessness and above all it has become the largest family bonded in love within the ancient city of Ibadan. Nevertheless, how did we get here?

Barely few days into the year 2018, the notice of recruitment of members into @IbadanVolunteersHub littered the social media space, particularly the streets of whatsapp. It centered on call for application from young people with the ‘brown roof’ city, who are passionate about societal development, community strengthening and personal uplifting. Hundreds of people applied, this comprised of student, corp members, young professionals among others. After a painstaking process of venting and screening of the list by the convener, the Ibadan Volunteers Hub was birthed on 14th February, 2018. Yes, it is just 12 months ago. What has become of this hub is not only a surprise to observers but also an act of God.

The hub is united in purpose and love. Personally, I believe the purposefulness and loving posture and disposition of the hub can be traced, not only to the wonderful people within the group but also the significant date of birth of the hub- 14th February. A global day of love. Be that as it may, in VHA, everyday is a Valentine’s day. Indeed love live there.

Furthermore, just like any creation, the hub has grown tremendously over the last 12 months. We have been nominated for a number of awards and won some. This shows that the society appreciates the contributions of this indispensable group of people. Also, the hub has enjoyed immeasurable assistance and support from different organizations and individuals like.

The hub has volunteered on different projects and has provided outstanding event support services at different life impacting programs. In the same vein, we have led and supported several advocacies like #NoToDrugAbuse……… etc. Truly, purpose and love have been the drive. We will do more.

The hub has passed through changes and expansion in the last one year. The expansion includes the establishment of Abuja Volunteers Hub and Abeokuta Volunteers Hub. Due to the global and continental outlook coupled with legal considerations of the organisation, on November 14th, 2018, the hub was rechristened Volunteers Hub Africa. We have also increased in numbers and quality of members. VHA now house the best of young and selfless professionals within the city.

In conclusion, we have enjoyed quality leadership within the hub. The dexterous Chinenye, the passionate Olumide, the legally witty Obiano among other brains have led in love and purpose. As much as we have contributed greatly to our world, we won’t rest on our oars. We pledge to do more in love and purpose until we recreate the world of our dreams. Our best is yet to come. Good, Better, VHA. Cheers.

Yours in purposeful love

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