By: Oladeji Gloria

Have you ever sat down in a quiet place to think about the special things or attributes in your life? Have you wondered what exactly is making you want to see tomorrow? Have you thought of the achievements you have made in the previous years and the ones you want to bask in the coming year? or are you just fed up of everything? Many more are questions that are needed to be asked for a person to understand that he/she is not just living but having great tasks ahead.

To the youth! While you are still strong and agile, what role do you play in your community or locality? Do you bring shame or you meet needs with your ideas and inventions? If a person does not know his purpose in life he can not know his obligations. You have to be clear about that particular thing that keeps you going or the particular thing you have passion for and then you will unravel what you are obliged to in order to fulfil your dreams. It is not a day work, you keep building yourself into that person you want to be. You can’t say you want to be a human right activist and you are the one violating other people’s right, you can’t go far in your pursuit that way. You have to know what you are doing as an individual, be strategic! Even twins at a point seperate to get what they want at their best yet they are still bonded. So don’t let another person’s reason for existence define yours. Wisen up!

When things go right, people are happy and just want to enjoy the comfort, they forget quickly that someone was up to task to ensure that which they are enjoying, on the other hand they forget to do the needful for coming generations so that they will also have something to enjoy. Always have these in your heart like the person you love:
1. that the impact of your existence is what someone out there needs not to give up.
2. that if you fail to do the needful at the appropriate time or before your expiry time someone else would be raised to do it and it might cause regret for you as a person who failed to do it.
3. that certain things have limited time and space for them to be done.

Are you bothered about what your life will be like in the next four years? and you also know that faith without work is dead, Then why not put your self to work, do critical thinking about what you can do to help yourself before the four years roll in, you can’t afford to be stagnant, not in this present generation. Remember time awaits no man. Tighten your belt and walk upright at your own pace just ensure you are moving forward and not towards someone else’s direction.

Importantly, discover yourself and the impact you want to make, we are already in a new year. You can still set the goals you want to achieve, don’t just set but write them down. Writing them down will help you to celebrate and be grateful for the ones you have smashed and also help you not to give up before achieving the remaining ones. Keep it like a vision board and review it. Don’t just live but exist to make impact.


  1. Leaving your life without a set goal leaves yourself less wiser than mammals because even mammals have a reason to be alive.

    Discover yourself
    Sit down and pen down your life goals and dreams
    Make a plan and figure out how to make those dreams come through..
    Be hardworking and determined
    Never give up
    And watch the stars become your starting point..

    Nice one tho


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