By: Oluwatoyin Ibrahim Betterdays

“Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

It’s no news that 2019 is fast approaching, and it can even be conveniently posited that it is around the corner. Following the campaign green light signalled by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the Nigerian political atmosphere, as usual but this time more fierce and competitive, has gone agog.

The heated melodrama that could drive some to a state of melancholy has been seen on the radar, the auguries of the yet to be conducted elections is being circulated far and wide, and the disturbances with assurance that is fully based on logistics of lies and propaganda have been being dished out to all and sundry, even to those uninterested in the whole drama.

Just as we anticipated, our walls and doors are being defaced with political posters and fliers. Undoubtedly, the campaigning era is unarguable the best period of the year because it comes with a lot of goodies, most of which turn out to be a reminder of our gullibility and vulnerability during the era of pre-election.

It is a period when strange but true secrets of aspirants are made public, funny and savagery Meme flood the social media, the economy is boosted, all hidden cash are brought out for campaign, ladies are treated to a buffet and the gung-ho youths will be manipulated and used just as the ‘area boys’ too, live large.

The previous tussle was between the transformation agenda and the change mantra, but this time around, it’s between the next level and Get Nigeria working again. Indeed, the general elections appears to be somewhat competitive this time around considering the two major aspirants running for the number one position in the country.

The two major contenders are both northerners, Muslims, of the same age bracket, and past office holders with a lot of stories to tell about their days in office. Aside that, they have both vied for the positions for more than twice without winning and both cried upon the purchasing of form after many failed trials.

Looking back at the drama that unfolded during the last general election, Nigerians seems to be tired of the then government and was willing and did everything to ensure there was a change in government without verifying what kind of change the new messiah was preaching. As of today, though change doesn’t occur miraculously but gradually, yet the country is still not where it was envisaged to be according to the campaign promises of the incumbent administration. To a large extent, Nigerians have been played on and disappointed.

Evidently, the blame game, unending terrorist attacks, the Fulani herdsmen ravages, embezzlement and diverting of public funds, deteriorating educational sectors, heightened lies and misinformation, increased unemployment and a host of others are increasing on a regular basis rather than reducing. No doubt, the current administration is currently running to an end, it is thus necessary for us to decide in few months time who takes over the helms of affairs.

Although, there is no sin in making mistakes, repeating same mistakes without learning from the previously made ones is disastrous and calamitous. As we all are planning to speak with our votes come February 2019, we must bear it in our minds that to take Nigeria to the next level, we must get Nigeria working again first.


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