By Olamide Tejuoso

Apart from being the most popular festive month, December is also remarkable for a multi-award winning passion family known as the Ibadan Volunteers Hub (IVH), as they celebrate their 10 months anniversary on December 14, 2018.
It was a day of fun, games, talks, munchies and networking that Friday as IVH members picnicked and celebrated their passion birthday at the Heritage Park in University of Ibadan.

“It all started with a thought, like-play like-play and then we have it so grand now”, Chinenye Nzom, the founder of Ibadan Volunteers hub commented earlier today while reflecting over how the whole selfless commitment business started.
“I had been volunteering as an individual with other organizations until the idea of starting this spectacular network struck him after my 300L break. IVH’s first outing was at CPEEL 2018 which held at premier hotel in Ibadan – so you see, we started big.”

In just 10 months, IVH has won 4 grand awards for herself under the leadership of the 400L Guidance and counseling UI student.
Within February and December this year, IVH has had four awards from seven nominations. The first came in August, the Nigerian Volunteer awards 2018; then Award of recognition for the selfless contribution at (Jaw war 2018), FOPA awards (for most outstanding selfless organization) and the Ibadan social media awards which came in November.
Speaking on her experience so far, she said, “Volunteering with this family has been amazing – I’m very excited at what we do because everyone here enjoys it. We are really proud of our service and equally work as the best set of volunteers, not just in Ibadan but in Africa”
With over 200 members and other aspiring Volunteers (both graduates and Undergraduates), Ibadan Volunteers Hub has evolved into Volunteers Hub Africa today. According to Chinenye, the Volunteers Hub will be going beyond just Ibadan and Nigeria; to touch other parts of Africa with their bespoken impact.
By February 14, Volunteers Africa Hub (VHA) will be one year, and this has got many of the members excited as that is planned to be celebrated in a grander way – “it’s going to be a 3-day fun-filled and impacting celebration because we would be going worldwide”, Chinenye added.

To VHA, Volunteering is not about being jobless or lonely – it’s dedicating your selfless service to a worthy cause, hence, the inspiration for recruiting both males and females into this influential network. As a gender-balanced organization, the wealth of skills and lessons which is amassed through team work, communication, passion, love and leadership is necessary for everyone especially the youth, thus preventing a singular focus on the girl-child so that, according to Chinenye, “our amazing and well-trained women will not end up getting married or engaged with just ordinary men”.
December 5 was World Volunteers day; the commitment, character , selflessness and passion of these volunteer hub members did not go unnoticed as happiness ride their countenances for the life contributions they have made.
Leave the Ibadan volunteers hub social media handles to unveil the stories behind Erma Bombeck’s words that “Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another.”


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