By- Raji Olatunji

NUESA is a poor lady who is being directed politically by those who see her as their desire which they admire and always want to acquire. Over the years, on a yearly basis, she has always been directed by different sets of those who happened to be students of the Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan.

The time is here for a new set of students to be elected by the generality of educators to oversee her affairs for another one year. But it’s a pity that the situation of things has been undesirable for her due to the weaknesses of her active political aspirants. This is why she has decided to express her grievances over the alarming noise of her political aspirants.

NUESA expressed her displeasure over the activities of her political aspirants on whatsApp platform without feasible ambitions to that effect.

“I’m really disturbed by the activeness of my political aspirants on WhatsApp groups, busy disturbing the peace of educators without realistic and feasible ambitions to be realized”, she said.

She stated that her political aspirants have become the marketers and publishers of quotes made by known and unknown scholars as they’ve now taken it as their responsibility to publicize all through the day and night rather than working on better plans that are achievable and feasible in nature.

She further expressed how disappointed she was when she attended the press night organized some days ago.

“I wasn’t really happy at the press night organized some days ago as aspirants I know to be quick-witted with all kinds of quotes on WhatsApp platform turned out to have no substantial plan for me.

“Imagine aspirants having ‘suggestion box’, ‘extension box’ as major plans. In fact, the two aspirants for the post of AGS were even discovered to have brought the same plans before the pressmen.

“Even when both of them denied copying from each other. Tell me, what are these kids taking me for? Do they think I’m just anyhow person that witless individual can just rub-off and then Scot free?”

“They really need to be reminded that I’m a daughter to the mother of all faculties. And they shouldn’t be so quick to forget about the fact that my mother broke the LAW in this year’s Jaw war”, she reiterated.

She said further, “I got perplexed by what I saw on the manifesto script presented by the aspirant of Gen. Sec. as “LODGE” was spelt as “LOG”. In other to clarify, I went ahead to ask the aspirant to spell the word “LODGE” and I was shocked when he took it to another level by spelling “LOGE”. I had to go back to my dictionary before I become a ‘LOG’ for quick-witted aspirants.”


  1. while it is good to criticise aspirants, at least it help them to bring theit best out for Educators. We should also try to encourage Educators that had released themselves to serve fellow Educators, we all learn through the process…

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