By- Kunle Sotibi Cicero

It is an achievement when the good gets better but an heartbreak when the good gets worse. A white cloth looks finer without stain but it’s beauty depreciates the moment it’s stained and not cleaned. In a society full of immoral deeds where the level of sanity keeps dropping day by day. The higher the level of insanity, the higher the level of immoral and underdevelopment and vice versa (Sotibi, 2018).
Rape, killings and other insane acts are now normal day to day news that our auditory organ keep listen to and our visual organ keeps reading it on the dailies. In an insane society, father defiles his daughter, brothers killing each other because of property.
Sanity is on the way to another safe land leaving us to feed on insanity which had replaced it.

What society will accept and allow a man emblezzle funds meant for the development of his society if not an insane one. Only an insane fellow will acquire billions of public funds, get numerous exotic cars and several mansions and subjects the masses to abject poverty. Many live on streets and under the bridges while those they gave authority to rule them use their money uselessly, what a pity! Even pity has left the land of pity and the land has become a land of all man for himself, a land of no pity..

We pray to the Creator to save the land yet we refuse to leave our sinful ways – it is just like having your bath and running into the mud to play immediately, isn’t that insanity!

Like a popular mental affirmative statement that applies to drivers which states: “you are the only sane driver”. Does that mean our roads are full with insane drivers? Oh! I see. Is that the reason why we have the men in black on our roads who allow criminals to move freely at the drop of coloured papers and humiliating innocent citizens striving to find ends means?

Insanity has increased the level of immoral acts which has flooded our society. Girls engaging in prostitution with their cyber criminals and arm robber customers. The society has left moral consciousness to money consciousness, people struggling to make money and many getting it illegally. This is the land where the fear of ritualistic, is the beginning of living, that’s pathetic, isn’t it?

It was reported that 30% of Nigerians suffers from mental illness, 40 million Nigerians are suffering from mental disorder according to the minister of health, Abdulaziz Mashi Abdullahi; that is enough to show how far insanity has taken over the Niger area. Many need psychiatry tests and evaluations on both their brains and minds especially those ruling us and those intending too. That way, we won’t have to keep replacing insanity for insanity cause this will eventually drive out sanity completely out of our society. The sanity level in our society is going down the lane, there is fire on the mountain already, where are we going to run to?

Rescue mission to bring back sanity to our motherland should be mission for all conscious citizens to embark on.

Please don’t go sanity, we plead, don’t leave our land.


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