The first semester always ushers people into reality, especially the freshmen. Those that are in other levels have been intimate with the scroll of things. One of the ingredients of approach of examination is the way students eat and this has affected a lot in their results. Many have been unable to assimilate and so, even during examination, they rack their brains as if they never read anything.

The fundamental principle as examinations approach is that some duties have to be cut down and focus on a primary duty should be increased, more that before. Everyone has accepted academics as the primary assignment, and really, it is, which demands more attention, and during this time, it is important to note the health status barrier.

Freshmen may not fall sick like first semester, because different fever lies for different moment and the second semester is full of immunity for a good number of the students. In the first semester, at least, hundreds were entertained at the University health centre, diagnosed with different kind of illness to the extent that some were infected by their fear and horrific imagination. Many have soliloquized about their fate if they were advised to withdraw after the session and to an extent, many have the pride that it is the least possible that the institution chases them away without a simple certificate of attendance.

Meanwhile, the moment has come again that examinations reconfigure, refigure and re-image many students. Since the beginning of the semester, many fines faces have evolved, but just like it is commonly known that the beginning is just a warm up, the end of things gives people a new look.

One common food students eat is a bulk of carbohydrate, and junky foods are always added to the list of their favorites intentionally. Many students eat cassava flour on the go, but they feel there is no time to cook. Many of them prepare food that would be enough for them for the next three days, and they don’t care of they may be affected by the heat infected food because everything seems sweet and palatable at this particular time of mind riot.

When one is hungry, he perceives the odor of food from anywhere, even from unwanted places. Same happens when one is in-between the lace of books, heating for examinations, always wanting to read more, and by that forget to eat, forget to do the morning core, forget to sleep and start reducing in size, action and active performance. Many do not see it in this way because they feel it is normal.

What happens more at examination period is the increased number of reading corners. Apart from the unhealthy drink students take to TDB (a name given to overnight reading), some students have tried their best, which they would still do, to conquer their sleeping hormone and control it by themselves. Many students take some other things to chew, drink so as to avoid them from sleep, but in the end, some end up spending the eight hours they were meant to spend on their bed, doing the same thing in their reading corner.

What happen during examination period can vary from nocturnal attitude, falling sleep regularly in the public, contemplating on the most ludicrous idea, returning to the routine one once had as a toddler, love for exercise, developing unprecedented interest in things one never thought possible. Being nocturnal is like seeing dragons parading in the night. After doing all things possible during the day without reading, the imagination of death, failure and all horrific things set in and your remain nocturnal, trying to grasp something in the books. At times, you will awake yourself up, having been sleep-talking loudly about the contents of your upcoming exam, only to find that you’re now proudly boasting felt-tip imprints on your forehead from all those colorful notes you have made. Also, it is socially acceptable to bring a kettle into the library so that, in a place where there is still a living canteen, one won’t have to queue and lose precious revision. In addition, girls always develop a crush on the guy who sits opposite them in the library or class. It is only natural to feel an intense bond with the boy you have spent countless all-nighters accidentally staring at from across the desk. Lastly and what we need to take note and be careful of, which is still normal is that suffering from awful case of memory loss is very common. Not only in that you now find it practically impossible to retain the information contained in the sentence you have just read for more than 15 times, but you cannot actually remember ever having been present while it was first taught to you in lectures. These are the scent of examination and all these must be a caution and you must not be ignorant of it.

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