In recent weeks, the weather has changed drastically from being very hot to being extremely wet, cold and chilly. There are just a few tips to help with the transition from hot weather to the cold one.

  1. Wear cardigans, sweaters or pullovers

These three are essential in keeping the chill away. They are usually made of wool or cotton which helps to insulate the body. In order to maximize the use of these, wear the long sleeved and high necked variety as opposed to the short sleeves or sleeveless. The long sleeves and high neck will help to keep the arms and the chest warm.


  1. Ankle length jeans, skirts, dresses…

The legs also need to be kept warm during the cold weather therefore ankle length jeans, skirts or dresses are a most have. Most people take for granted the lower part of the body with regards to cold and as a result wear outfits that are not appropriate for the weather by exposing their legs. This reduces the chance of cold being able to steal into the body.


  1. …or socks!

I realise that the idea of wearing socks sends many people scrambling to the other direction for cover especially with our history with socks in Nigerian secondary schools. However socks could be a great alternative to the listed above. They could be worn around the hostel with slippers or even to bed. They just give your feet extra warmth that it could use.


  1. Shower cap or umbrella or both

The Boys Scout motto which in English is commonly interpreted as “Be prepared” should be every girl’s motto in this weather. In this regard every girl should be prepared for anything from a light drizzle to a heavy downpour and that’s where the shower cap and umbrella come into play. This is essential to everyone most especially girls who have weaves on because the rain water could cause some serious damage to them. With regards the umbrella, get one of those foldable ones that could fit snugly into your bag and could be whipped out easily when needed. The two will definitely help protect self and property.


  1. Rubber shoes or sandals

The wet sloshy ground usually has me cringing at the thought of wearing my leather or suede shoes. Rain usually leaves the gift of wet ground and puddles which could damage any shoe not made to fully withstand water. It weakens the strength of the shoe and leaves behind an awful stench if not dried thoroughly.  Rubber foot wears are perfect for the rain as they are waterproof and light.

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