On ranker, famous fat people didn’t necessarily get famous because of their weight, though many of these famous gluttons gained notoriety at some point in their career for letting themselves go. Gluttony has led to the death of more than a few of history’s greatest gluttons, many of whom have reached in excess of 1000 pounds at one time in their lives. Sadly, despite the obesity being a leading cause of preventable death in the world, many still strive to become the ultimate glutton with competitive eating contest growing in popularity and people making six figures annually by allowing fans to watch them eat.

Above was a report by ranker concerning people who eat too much of food. They multiply even as they die every year and so is the world of politics today when many have thought of eating his share and taking balls of almost everything to the foot of their lust. This is why many have concluded that since the future of Nigeria lies with the young people, it is very impossible to believe that it will ever be better. What is the gain of man, replicating what the bible points out, to embezzle the whole treasure in his care, and throw away his reputation, integrity, sell his destiny fall a bolus, and lose his studentship after all? This is not Nigerian politics at hand, it is Students politics!

On October 13, TESA, faculty of technology representative council held her sitting and there, the President and financial secretary were summoned due to an act of misconduct. Along with the general secretary, they were accused of sending out mail to seek for sponsorship in the name of the faculty, but the bank account belonging to Aina Esther, financial secretary suddenly became the pocket of the association. The President, Osinaike, in all humility decided to hold himself responsible and evangelized himself as the sacrificial lamb for indefinite suspension.

After rigorous questioning, Ojo Oluwagbenga, the Hall Chairman of Nnamdi Azikiwe hall saw himself in an indefinite hole. According to the report of the house, the Hall chairman and Finance minister, Adesina Samuel was were found guilty of misappropriation of funds which were not remitted and accounted for. Although, an Ad-hoc committee for finance has been set up to investigate the report, but this is just like setting the cart before the Horse. In this vein, the Social minister, Farouq has a suspension oak hovering over him if he does not give detailed report on how DSTV subscription is being managed.

FATSSA of Faculty of The Social Science also got the share of suspension cake, where the President: Omitoyin Faith, Treasurer: Adekunle David, Sport Director: Adeniran Samuel pleaded guilty of misappropriation of #55,800, #46,570 and #40,000 respectively. This was disclosed after the financial ad-hoc committee investigated the unfounded #142,000. On a serious note, the offence was not misplacement, bit misappropriation which is not done unaware. Such admittance would be best preferred as a way to escape death and settle for dearth, but what is the essence of living when there is nothing to live on? They are the future and this part of what the youth should drive into the beautiful promise, ironically.

Three musketeers of the executive arm of Independence hall were suspended indefinitely son October12, most especially the saving gate of the executive arm – Administrator-General: Bamidele Emmanuel. The finance Commissioner: Oseni Ifeoluwa and the Public Relations Officer: Oyebode John are the stars that the General’s tail drew along. The report stated that as at the time of collection of the Hall’s money, there was no complete record of all the amounts in hand deposited in the account. The General and finance spine of the hall also slaughtered their integrity on the altar of lies as they could only lie about the number of receipts produced, which the finance minister was not even aware of the number of receipts initially produced. Accountability has hunt back on them – the finance commissioner could not account for the money realized from the gym, the Administrator general refused to remit the money for advert.

At faculty of Education, even though the suspended executives members: President and General secretary protested against the act coming from the faculty legislative council, and that it was supposed to be done by the judiciary arm, they were reported to have disbursed the sum of approximately #1, 820,000 for shirts and books production without the approval of the legislative arm, just like the offence of a one-time students’ union President which got him suspended and later impeached after other offences were unfolded.

All the offences above boil them to the fact that we are ready for the future jeopardy by the kind of these set of people. Gluttony of power, just like the legislative arm of Mellanby hall, wielding the sword of judgment on the hard working and passionate Hall Chairman of the Hall, and other suspended executives, won’t take anyone anywhere except the demeaning status and public harassment and embarrassment. This particular period, everyone is cursing the Nigerian government, but instead for the carpet to heal the bed’s tilting part, it suspends its ears more to tell it that it is coming.

This week’s editorial calls upon the thinking arm of our system to consider what is best for the future. Instead of doing what will make us the best, we should not waste time sitting in the house of assembly to deliberate on how to suspend an official. In fact, anyone who wants to do so must come with a clean hand too, which does not count the senate worthy of dishing out the constitution. It only pays to listen to the unspoken words for the future and treat it accordingly for this future must be a better one.

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