A one-time social media influencer spoke about the influence of the school and quoted Einstein on how a fish would almost be made to climb a tree. He had talked about his sixteen years in school and yet, he didn’t know how to do his taxes, purchase a home or even apply for a loan, doubting the subsistence of school. All he could pride of was the fancy diploma to sit at home with, even though he graduated at the top of his class. He was so happy about how he could memorize Pythagoras theorem, factorial, trinomials, polynomial; label the parts of many implements and basics of how mitochondrion is the powerhouse of the cell. Meanwhile, everything he was taught, he forgot. When parents ask their wards of what they learn in school, lies would follow, but truth be told, they sing the same song of school being fine all because of the excellent ways of cramming.

Many of the Students have been filled with fear in classes as they could not even raise hands to ask questions. Some students have decided to never ask questions in class or give wrong answers because of the proof they have that the environmental state of the school isn’t for learning or building up the intellect even when they want to be one. It has become a game of how one can get more distinctions or the number of distinctions; this made Students ask if some topics will appear in the test because of how hard they appear in paper. Instead of using memorizing and testing as a top standard, it would be preferred to make the ‘f’ letter a symbol of finding another answer but not a denotation of failure, when a student has not done well. If the School is really interested in her Student’s personal and academic success, student will have home works a lot less. Excellence and perseverance have been read to be defined as the ability of a student to wait for a burden of innumerable essays, reading more than two hundred pages of a book and working problems on a paper and finishing more than two projects by the end of the week.

All these are not just full of thorns but there has never been a time one would learn about time management skills to deal with them all. The traditional method of teaching can somehow be summarized as underdeveloped in such a way that a teacher who gives you bulky assignment to keep you busy even tells you to use your time wisely. The function of the school nowadays has been to teach a single way to draw dots, but it is rare to find a proper education in school where there is a real lesson of how to connect them.

University of Ibadan is known to be a Cockpit of academic excellence not in Nigeria alone, but Africa also feels the breeze from afar. This may seems like a repetition of last editorial, but an addendum to have a full meaning of attending the so-called best University in Nigeria. Over the years, and within the last ten years, we have had Students graduated and coming back for their Masters’ degree, which may appear to the University as a form of determination and continuation by graduate students. But throughout their service year, many have been so perfect in drawing dots, but they have seen themselves in a pit of disability, where they have found dots very uneasy to connect. Larger percentages of those who have this ability have gone beyond the ordinary to learn and relearn and also learn to never rely of papers.

As full as the Institution is full of brilliant personalities, it is not to use these ones to get rank for the institution alone, it would be so, when these ones are brought up in a learn arena to be able to proffer solution to the wailing ozone layer, dying better past, and yellowing of agriculture in this century. Learning is acquiring new methods or knowledge, behavior, and skills modification. Learning theorists have maintained that “it is situated in socio-cultural contexts and it is most importantly a social process. Learning takes place through participation in activities within the community of practice and reification of ideas within these communities. In a practice oriented educational context, situated learning ideas have obvious implications for the inclusion of authentic experiences of practice and work integrated learning but they also emphasize the need for interaction and cooperation coupled with social dimension of learning.

Along with every process in the academics, the process of learning is paramount. It involves application of ideas raised; application of every single formula and it does not, in any way deal with the idea of “that is how it has been”. It is very crucial for the system to rise from a game of number and be awake to teaching her students to rise to usage more than wordiness. The process of time management can never be engaged with if the only thing a student does throughout a week is to write assignment and make sure he reads a whole book. If such righteousness is fulfilled without a time to put such into practice, another week comes and the same cycle follows. Nevertheless, even at her 70, we are still saying it is high time it rose to raising students to learning, not in character alone.


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