By; Yemi Alesh

Mellanby hall executives have tendered report of their official activities to the Hall Legislative Council. This was done on September 14th, 2018 at the Hall Legislative Council sitting.

At the legislative sitting which hed on Friday night, permission was granted to four executives, who were the Information Minister, the Sports Minister, the Interior Minister and the Social Minister, to present reports from each of their offices.

Mr. Bitto Viashima George, the Information Minister opened the floor with his official report. He stated that he had ensured the dissemination of twenty eight releases to update Mellanbites about the activities carried out by the Hall Executives and the Hall Management. He also said that his office always endorsed any publication before pasting on the notice board. “In other halls, people have to pay before they can paste on their notice boards but here, we endorse them without payment” , he said. He also reported that he had created a Whatsapp platform for freshmen; and stated affirmatively that he ensured that all freshmen were added. “I even went to the extent of calling some that I found out that the phone number they gave during their registration was not their whatsapp number and I told them to make sure they get information from their roommates.”  he added.

Mr. George equally reported that his office had helped to promote creativity of Mellanbites, via the Premier Hall Open Market and the  Premier Hall Entertainment Forum, in collaboration with the Social Minister and the Hall Chairman.

However, he promised some activities in view. Mr. George promised a continuation in carrying out his constitutional duties. He also promised to ensure the  orientation of Mellanbites on digital marketing and internet business; and to set up a Publicity Committee. In the words of the Information Minister, “the Publicity committee will be comprised of hall representatives and what they are to do primarily is to create publicity for the Hall Week.” On further elaboration on the Masterclass training in internet business and digital marketing by the Hall Chairman, Mr. Olanrewaju Olansile, it was revealed that “officials of Facebook Lagos office would come to Mellanby hall to train the residents on how to use digital marketing for their business. “

The Sports Minister, Mr. Ogundiran Opeyemi, was next to give the report from his office. He stated in his report that his office had embarked on the purchase of a number of sports facility, including basketball, ludo, drafts, chess, table tennis bat, two volleyballs and three footballs. He equally submitted that his office had seen to the renovation of the damaged table tennis board; and the purchase of jerseys for inter-hall competition.

The Premier Hall Football League, which was an initiative of the previous administration, has been promised to commence on Saturday, September 15th, 2018 with an opening match between the hall executives and the hall Legislative Council. Mr. Ogundiran also promised to institute the Warden’s Challenge during the hall week.The Warden’s Challenge is going to be an inter-floor competition, according to him.

From the office of the Interior Minister, it was reported that there had been a renovation of the TV outside the TV room. It should be remembered that this particular TV room broke down before the end of the World Cup but has been restored. The office of the Interior Minister has also established a four-man Hall Security team, whose members are addressed as “Marshals”.

Mr. Dauda Quadri who is the  Interior Minister has laid claim to other feats embarked upon by the Hall management as report from his office. As far as the press know and undisputed by the hall executives, the renovations of the conveniences in the hall were embarked upon by the Hall management; and not by the Hall Executive Council. However, Mr. Quadri gave reports of these renovations which overwhelm active feats from his own office.

Mr. Adio Victor, the Sports Minister, in his own report intimated the house on the organization of the fresher’s beans day and freshers orientation programme. Promises flowed from his office as well on the hosting of the Premier Entertainers’ Forum and the Premier Welcome Blast, an event which later held on Saturday morning.

Mr. Victor expressed satisfaction in the presence of the Orangun of Oke-Ila at the Freshers’ Week, a successful event for which he gives credit to his office.

Mr. Hall Chairman, Olanrewaju Olansile, though had no report to tender, graced the House with his presence and gave comments to help clarify certain issues that pertain the office of any of his executives.


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