-By: Theophilus Femi Alawonde

The Union of Campus Journalists, University of Ibadan, on Saturday, July 21, 2018, organized a workshop for campus journalists and intending inductees. The workshop, which was held at the Faculty of Arts Small Lecture Theatre, was facilitated by four mainstream journalists: Mr. Oredola Ibraheem, Editor of The Page NG, Mr. Habeeb Kolade, former Editor-in-Chief, Indy Press Organization and Editor of Agbowo Review, Mr. Taiwo Obe, CEO of The Journalism Clinic, and Mr. Paul Alashiri, a radio personality and blogger.

The workshop started with the press prayer, led by UCJ Vice-president, Miss. Ogeroju Robiat, after which Mr. Habeeb spoke on News Writing and Features Writing. He spoke on what to watch out for when writing a news article, some of which he mentioned as brevity, fact, and lead. He also spoke on of the power of networking in news gathering. While speaking on features writing, Mr. Habeeb made distinctions between a feature article and an opinion, mentioned the types of feature articles, talked on balancing academics and journalism, and how to satisfy the consumers here on campus. Mr. Taiwo, who spoke on How to Create Compelling Content in the Digital Age, based his speech on the fact that behind every story is an underlying story. He charged campus journalists to be thinkers, doers and shakers. He also urged them to get stories from things that are about them and ensure that the readers are satiated with information. He further said journalism is about effecting changes, and gave out assignments to volunteer campus journalists. Mr. Ibraheem, while speaking on Ethics of Journalism, told journalists to set priority as to what to write and what not to. He asked them to be careful with the choice of headline, ensure their articles are factual and accurate, and ensure they are impartial and totally fair. He further said each press organization should work towards financial independence, so as to be free to express without threats, and the need to hide the identity of the writer under a pen name or the organization’s name, in cases of controversial articles. Mr. Paul Alashiri, 32 FM presenter and blogger, effective ways of publishing online. He promised to give 5 copies of “The Road Before the Fourth Estate” to UCJ’s Best 5 Inductees.

In the closing remarks, Miss. Glory Adekunle thanked the facilitators and everyone present, and urged the intending inductees to take note of all that was discussed, as their exam would be based on the discussions. She rounded off the workshop by leading the press prayer.



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