A mountain is composed of tiny grains of earth. The ocean is made up of tiny drops of water. Even so, life is but an endless series of little details, actions, speeches, and thoughts. And the consequences whether good or bad of even the least of them are far-reaching – Swami Sivananda

Second World War, Adolf Hitler’s force; Napoleonic war, Napoleon Bonaparte’s force had many in common. They both raveningly routed Europe safe for Britain who was just held in check at the sea. Having conquered the entirety of Western Europe, they invaded Russia, the last power in the entirety of Europe to bow but it proved to be the decisive wars that brought absolute debacle their way having hitherto rode on success. The same factor that ruined Napoleon defeated devastatingly Hitler – the two generalissimo of September and October. History, it is said, does not repeat itself but fools do repeat history. The little detail of the climatic condition of the Russian Peninsula unknown to both great generals set the pace for their grande defeat and gradual demise. ‘General Winter’ as the Russian weather is famously called killed as much men as guns and cannons did, weakened the morale of many and crushed supplies, rendering them useless. Had the little detail about ‘General Winter’ be considered before invasion, the course of history would have been different.

When it is night, animals ‘marauding’ the day retire under shade to obey the call of nature; poultry birds return to their cage to duck in their small bodies after a long day pecking the soil; pre-colonial African airplanes (birds in flight) relax their wings back in their nest; man, the king of all creatures retire to his room, cuddle his pillow or wife and gradually, pass out till the following morning.

Just like everything that retires to bed to sleep, THE SPY NEXT DOOR (TSND) is about to observe a necessary break, to be back once the new session resumes. This session commenced with a review of the standard of living in some Halls of residence, down to the situation at Jaja, the lack of streetlights and its effects, the series of cases of victimizations, an investigative analysis  into the Queens hall saga and an exploring assessment of the deplorable condition of some areas of the University community especially from Tedder and Mellamby down to the Faculty of Arts and across Bello en route to Zik hall. This week, what will be addressed is the humble ‘plea’ from an observant Uite though enlarged. Noteworthy, it is an issue that ought not to even be stemming up, but now that it has, it needs be addressed.

Two weeks ago while returning to the hostel from class, I met a finalist from the faculty of law, respected brother and friend and we headed towards our destination discussing generally on class and grades. On getting to that point, he looked up and called my attention to the tree, it has stretched across the road in a skewed position threatening collapse. At first, I disagreed it threatened to fall but I noticed too that every others beside it were all either straight up or just a little bent unlike it that is bent beyond normal.

Yes! Though I agreed it is falling, I couldn’t agree one day it would fall too soon. However, that concept changed last week while observing the sewage pits and their destinations. The president suddenly remembered something that which led to it I can’t guarantee remembrance. The president was recounting the very day he was driving across the rear of Faculty of Arts only to meet a fallen tree lying flat across the road. Of course, he showed me where it is now; where it was moved too. And some silly imaginations started processing: what if the fallen tree had delayed its demise and collapse and time decided to play its tricks with the president driving and the tree falling coinciding to strike one another really hard. Absolutely, it would have been a different story entirely if that had happened.

Thus, with that in mind, the question of the brother that brought to notice that of the tree came to mind. He had asked what UCJ UI can do about it and he could only be assured that it will be put in black and white and brought to public notice.

Last semester, in a story written by Haleem Olatunji, the unexplainable falling of trees – deforestation and its possible consequence amongst which are erosion and the exposure of buildings as some of these trees serve as windbreakers. In this situation, the trees were viewed to have been exploited. However, in this case, this particular tree is considered hazardous. Merely looking at the tree itself, one would ask the purpose it serves. It has dried up and absolutely seem to be void of life as there are no more leaves left on any of its branch. And for anything purposeless, it is only apt that they be uprooted. The picture above revealed another which is slant (diagonal), threatening to fall as well. Even the ones standing vertically are dried up and obviously almost a liability to the environment as they only occupy space but gives nothing back, not even beauty. However when chopped off, they are no longer useless. They serve a purpose, that which is economic. While it can be accused to be, this piece is not to promote deforestation but in full consideration of the safety of the community call for its harvestation.

According to Abbigale Farnsworth, the environment around us is an essential part of human survival. Humans who do not care about the environment simply do not understand its importance. It is not sufficient that the prestige the citadel has got on a platter of gold, more of virtue of it being the first be demystified by stepping foot into the University community.

It was during the break when the rain fell, the rain which according to many Uites was mysterious as it fell shortly after the public knowledge of the increment in accommodation fee from #14,000 to #30,000. What was most mysterious about it was that it left behind several causes for the invitation of carpenters for repairs.

Besides the removal of roofing sheets, trees fell. Fallen trees dried off constituting unpleasant sight at their locations.

The first and most abnormal is the one on the walkway adjacent to Tedder opposite the Students’ Union building. Everyday passing through this particular route brings a question to mind – “what will it take to clear this environs of these dead trees or when exactly will it be deemed that these dead trees contribute in no small measure to the bad shape of the University environment. But one can be forced to wonder as well if these woods are being kept as firewood to be used as an asset for UI @70.

The second which is also like the first is located in front of the Students’ Union building itself. These are trees that have fallen as far back as April but unfortunately they are still there. Not considering the picture untaken- care of woods is going to paint to the public, or to eminent visitors to the University community. These are the little details that can make big things happen. They ought not to be ignored, no matter how infinitesimal they are.

On a final note of conclusion, while these might be of little insignificance, its consequence could be grande and damaging. Keeping note of little details is among what makes everything work fine. Trees that need fallen, be axed before they collapse themselves and cause damages while those  of no  significance but  which  rather  constitute bad painting   of   the   University   environment   as   well   be evacuated.

Wishing you absolute satisfactory success in your forthcoming exams; see you next semester when more appealing stories await you from GSP, to the Security division of the University, and my desire as a pressman to context political election in my hall of residence.

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