After protest against increment of professional levy and accommodation fee and meeting with the school authority to deliberate on the possible amount that students can afford and the school will not lack, all we have seen in the light of return was that the stance was maintained. The senate of the University of Ibadan had meeting upon meeting to only reach the same consensus. Students have resolved into rolling their voices in because they have relied on the Students’ Union to be, if it had been in existence, the voice that will oil the authority’s feet and slip them into apologizing to students. Of course, conceding does not make any different like not, but there has been peace on campus for a year now. This peace is characterized by the innocence of our ignorance and the voice is totally lost that when cold folds in, it will still roll into silence because of the overdue inducement.

Since we have now been made to carry the burden of a thirty thousand muscle, it is high time we checked the value of the increment and how it can help students assimilate well during examinations; at least, the Vice chancellor said it in February that Zik hall condition shouldn’t have housed humans because of its disgusting state. Various checkers have spread their white robe to see the mystery of this indelible print and its result after a semester and the result, if not favorable can come with an editorial suggestion.

One of the justifications put forward by the school management for the over 100% increment in accommodation fee is the need to improve the hostel living conditions. Less than two weeks to the beginning of first semester examinations, less can only be said of the result that will aid students’ preparation.

The School Management made several promises to improve the hostels’ conditions among which are, fumigation of the hostel, repair of bad doors, changing the door locks, repair of torn nets, toilet and bathroom. Although, hostels were fumigated but this did not eradicate bedbugs in some halls of residence as students still complain of the presence in their rooms.  Not all locks were changed and some torn nets are left unrepaired.  A female student at one of the female halls after being given accommodation assume the work of a carpenter when she tries to fix her torn window net to prevent her from her source of food to mosquitoes. This is one of the challenges faced by students that have hoped to live in a better condition.

Deplorable state of the bathroom and toilet is still in existence, and in fact, getting worse due to the past stigma and misuse by students. Most water closets used in the toilet have been there for long, generation upon generation used it and thus due for replacement – a reason toilet disease is common among students: convenience now becomes inconvenient. In our bathrooms, we do not miss the non functioning shower as water leakages from above perform the function of the spoilt shower.

The delay in the improvement promised by the school management over the state of the affairs in our halls of residence makes one think if the improvement will not be effected early for us, the pioneer payers of the accommodation fee should witness it. It is, however, the joy of many to eat the fruit of his labor. It is worthy of applause that the school management renovated some rooms in Mellanby hall. It brought joy to the students who think that the renovation of hall of residences has begun. The joy was curtailed when it is made clear that the exercise was to be limited to rooms affected by storm which occurred in the University in April this year.

To whom much is given, much is expected. The school management should not renege in its promise for a better living condition in hall of residences. The payment should not be to augment the cost given by federal government; the impact should be seen in the halls of residence in term of improved condition.

Within the thirty miles we have trekked with such numbers of muscle, still believing that our feet won’t ache anymore, there are more stones to turn as we fly into examinations. Students would want to have a good ground for preparation to turn these stones better and when it rains, one still has to put his head somewhere. It will now not speak well that we experience laxity because of the shortage of resources we are experiencing. Thanks for the Kenneth Dike Library 24-hours service, but this can still not serve everyone which calls for a need to treat residents like stakeholders of the University. Other things that need attention should be, in no time given its romantic bliss. As examinations draw nigh, the health and welfare of everyone matters most.


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