-By: Owoyokun Dolapo

In the light of the recent increase in accommodation fees, we have decided to be watchdogs in ensuring that there are consequential improvements in the hall facilities as promised by the school management. We shall be highlighting the improved, improving and not improved facilities.


The first improvement can be noticed right from outside the hall with the newly installed modern floodlight that has been put in place for security purpose. I believe the usefulness of that light in the night cannot be overemphasized and as such is a commendable development.

Going on into the hall with googles for improved hostel facilities, we noticed a very massive change in the door locks of all the rooms in most blocks. This aids the fight for better security of properties of students in their rooms. The thief that will break these new locks will try, except when the occupants of the room are contributorily negligent of the safety of their properties of course.

While in the amazement of the radical change of door locks, we beheld a beautiful sight through the amazing illumination of the halls with white lights. There were lights at every strategic place in the hall including the rooms, the passages of the blocks, the reading room and even the bathrooms. The benefits of illumination in these places cannot be overemphasised. Collisions and accidents are lessened particularly in the passages and the bathrooms. And of course, one need not sweat to appreciate the benefit of having light in the living and reading room.



Like I pointed out earlier, the door locks of all the rooms of most blocks had been changed. However, there are still some doors without the new locks, particularly in I Block. We therefore believe that the change is coming in gradually and the new locks shall be installed in these other rooms as well.

As new and strong as the door locks were, we couldn’t help but notice that they were befitting locks for unbefitting doors. However, we were glad to learn that the management had noticed this too and have, as a result, bought new doors to replace the below par doors. These, we believe will be put in place as soon as possible.


Like the cliché, “the good, the bad and the ugly”, we couldn’t help but notice some ugly scenes in the midst of the good (improved) and the bad (improving).

The first eyesore we experienced was that there were some rooms without window panes and the occupants consequently had to improvise and put some materials to cover for the absence of the window panes. But still, these improvisations cannot protect the occupants from the dangers of mosquitoes, windy rain and cold.

It was sad to find that A Block, which is popularly known as where students with health challenges reside, does not have its machine pumping water for its four tanks. We learnt that it’s been a while that the pumping machine had stopped working and as a result, the health challenged residents of the block have been forced to walk farther to other blocks to fetch water. The irony in this situation is bewildering.

It is trite law in the hostel that residents must not cook in their rooms, otherwise, they shall suffer instant ejection from the hall premises. They are mandated to cook in the kitchenettes but it’s shocking to find that these recommended places are not even cooking friendly – very unhygienic environment, lacking the basic components of a standard cooking place such as proper drainage.

In conclusion, we recognise the efforts of the management in their efforts to make life easier for residents but we implore them to help rectify these ugly scenes for a better hostel life.

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