Adeyemi Ayeku

Occupants of the rooms in the top most floor of Block A, Kenneth Mellanby Hall were taken aback, when one of the porters, accompanying some group of men with buckets of paints on their heads, told the occupants to pack their belongings out for some structures in the room to be refurbished and made pristine once more. Indeed, the rooms in the top most floor, Block A were repainted and are looking charming.

One of the occupants of the room, in person of Joshua, while commenting on the exercise maintained that this was a step in the right direction and a right consideration for the payment of the whooping sum of 30,000 naira as bed-space fee for the session.

Following rumours and expectations of many Mellanbites that the exercise be extended to all the rooms, MHPO correspondent in a call with the Hall Warden of the Hall, Dr. Ademola Atanda gathered that the renovation was limited to the rooms affected by the storm which shook the University Community in the early days of the month of April, 2018, causing grievous damage in most structures, notably in Tedder Hall, the Students’ Union Building and likewise, Mellanby Hall. Hence, the instruction given by the University Management is that the exercise be limited to the affected rooms for now. Whether or not the expectations of Mellanbites will be met will be determined by a subsequent decision of the management to make it so.

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