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By: Akínpèlú, Yūsuf O.

Currently a sophomore in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sultan Habibllah Ayodele has been crowned this year’s King of the Podium Oratory Rookie Contest.

Habibllah left the audience spellbound with his oratorical delivery when he mounted the podium to speak on the topic: “Nigerian Youths in Politics: crucial stakeholders or habitual spectators?”

The duo of Lawal Mubarak, in the same department and level as Habibllah, and Balogun Ibrahim, a first year student in the Department of Political Science finished second and third in that order.

 “My speech coach taught me how to deliver; and from him, I learnt that delivery is the most important aspect in oratory as the delivery delivers the contents,” he said, adding that:

The UI Central Literary and Debate Society’s President, Mr Sadik, while holding a facilitation with we Tedder Hall rookies, told us that in order to deliver a speech effectively, we should take the topic personal. And that was exactly what I did. I wove the theme into my persona.”

King of Podium Oratory Contest is an annual event organized by Tedder Hall Literary and Debating Society for its rookies.

Also, in the inter-hall impromptu round, The Great Independence Hall emerged winner.

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