By Toyinbo Olumide

It is beginning to be a culture in Nigeria that we have prophecies from time to time in Nigeria. Those prophecies come from not only the prophets but also from the non-prophets. Just recently, a voice note was popularised on Whatsapp which was said to have originated from a notable prophet in the country, he claimed that Nigeria will face a lot of ups and downs this new month of July. He said a lot of bad occurrences that will be happening but I am here today, not as an agent of bad prophecy but an agent of worthwhile prophecy. I am here today as a non-prophet who will be prophesying on things that will be happening in the space of some days in the University of Ibadan. Trust the prophecies as it is going to happen. No matter the content or the reasoning of the prophecies, do not be disappointed. Prophecy is prophecy, anything predicted that will be happening in the future is a prophecy. There are some things that will be happening soon and I am here to prophesy them. Just relax and wait as I join the league of Prophet Fani Kayode and that Ekiti Governor, Prophet Ayodele Fayose, he will be starting a very big ministry soon as he said in one of his recent interviews, that’s for you to know.

Examination period is fast approaching, just less than thirty days to go. According to the academic calendar, GES examinations start 30th July, same as the starting date for Faculty of Education while other Faculties starts 13th August, all in this same year. Less than thirty days to the first examination for the 2017\2018 Academic Session, the non-prophet that will be prophesying at this moment looked into the future to see what will be happening. However, in this case, we all will seem to be the ‘prophet’ as a lot of people, stale students especially will be able to relate with the acclaimed prophecies. However, it is quite necessary to give a free word of exhortation that it is time we braced up to avoid the unimaginable and of course, the most dreaded tsunami. Below are the ‘common-sense’ prophecies and attached commentaries:


In some weeks to come, when timetables are gushing out of their various banks, there shall be a massive increment in the number of people that embark on TDB mission. Sounds like a prophecy, right? I assure you, it will happen! For freshmen, this might be a new term but to stale students, it seems to be what most of them live by. For serious and quintessential students, their own TDB mission has started already. TDB is an acronym for ‘Till Day Break’, the slang is widely used in the University community, that even the lecturers are aware of it – well, most of them were undergraduates in UI before joining the lecturing cadre. TDB is a reading strategy which involves reading from the night till the morning of the next day, evident with the meaning of the acronym- Till Day Break. Students of the University embark on this mission using various venues. The modest ones stick to the reading rooms in their Halls of Residence and even some their rooms. Catholic seems to be the patronised place for those who do not mind the cold and the formidable presence of mosquitoes -a good number of people go there. LawLLT is the safe haven for some, some is the Science FLT, Anatomy or the Pharmacy side and some other strategic locations as you may know. When the time comes, you shall see male and female folks at the night kitted in cardigan walking to their TDB destination. The sorry case seems to be the fact that a good number of them will end up going there to sleep till day break. It has been happening from the time past and so shall it continue. Verily! Verily, I say unto you, that time shall pass.


MTN means Morning till Night, this seems to be less popular compared to its counterpart, TDB. This is a strategy employed by students especially during examinations in which they seclude themselves to reading alone for a whole day- as the acronym suggests- from morning till night. In the next thirty days, this shall be more popularised too. You will discover that your friend who you do gist together ‘twentyfour-seven’ will just seclude himself from you to face his new found friend compulsorily. This might seem uneasy to do but people will do it as they have been doing it.


As a result of exposure to different kinds of unfavourable situations like cold, mosquitoes, stress, fear and lots more, the body systems tend to react to the sudden change. This will lead to complaints of various short term fevers which disappear with not-strong drugs. Just like previous years, Jaja records the highest number of visitors during examinations. This is constantly caused by lack of preparation on the part of most students. The need to finish something done for thirteen weeks can be worrisome and this might lead to tension and attract some ailments which ordinarily can be avoided. Also, for students with low confidence, fear tends to outrun their level of preparation. To avoid this, the beginning of semester should mark the beginning of exam preparation. Caring less for food during examination won’t help too as adequate nutrient is needed during that time, eating well will do a lot. However, can this change the prophecy, this year or years to come? Maybe and maybe not. Who knows? The main is even during the examination periods, do not break the four health rules taught in GES107.

…to be continued

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