By Ibikunle Toluwani Elijah

Wednesday came with a beautiful weather and left us reminiscing on how our Super Eagles crashed out of the World Cup. It ended on a beautiful note with the rain giving us chills over the night not knowing the disaster it would have wrecked on our beloved B and B (bread and beans) restaurant at the Animal Science Department.

Hungry as I was after sitting in a class for close to 3 hours, I rushed to B and B (as we always call it) wanting to eat the regular and leave in haste to continue with the lectures. Then, I saw people gathered at the walk-way between Animal Science and Agricultural Economics and thinking it was an exhibition happening, I hurriedly walked to see what was going on only for me to find out that our dear B and B restaurant had been relocated outside. Curious as I was, I wanted to ask why that was happening (at this time the hunger had subsided) but I needed not ask as the entrance to the restaurant said it all.

The rain had sent them packing out of the shop because the drainage in front of the shop was flooded with stagnant water. This obviously would not be the first time of such occurrence at that place because even without the rain, the place has always been flooded but not like last week Thursday at least. This should have called the attention of the management of Animal Science on a need to solve the problem of the drainage. People hurriedly ate their food outside and for some, they just didn’t because of the site of the drainage. The President of the Nigerian Association of Agriculture Students (NAAS) happens to be a student of the prestigious department and when asked on the situation of the drainage by a customer at B and B, he said “asked ASSAN President”. People laughed at the joke but really, is he not supposed to be the mouth piece of the people? At least students from Veterinary medicine come to eat at B and B and they obviously would not think of the Animal Science Students’ Association of Nigeria (ASSAN) President first in a situation like this, but the NAAS President.

This has furthermore drawn my attention to the fallen tree in front of the faculty. That tree has fallen for more than two weeks now and nobody had deemed it fit to move it away from where it is. It could cause an accident there because the tree is protruding towards the road and anyone who doesn’t know how far it is protruding could get injured by the tree. The toilet situation seems to have been rectified technically. I still think it has not been done adequately. The septic tank was merely patched with cement but yet the odour is still a major problem. At the AgroPress board last week, a student was reading the articles happily and suddenly, he exclaimed “I can’t do this anymore”. I was startled at what he said thinking the board had some things that he didn’t like, then I asked “what’s wrong”, he replied “the toilet”. I didn’t need to ask further questions, I understood what he was saying. The septic tank that was even patched is now leaking again. Now, no problem has been solved. We are back at where we began. The door at the Female toilet has also not been fixed since. The windows too are broken; I think females are meant to have privacy to some extent compared to small girls. Maybe they do not need, just maybe! I believe if these things are at the centre of our hearts as students of the faculty, maybe there would have been a change in the situation of things.

All these things seem to have a negative influence on the health status of an individual if not managed well. The B and B case seems to be a very paramount issue because the shop sells food which different people will eat. Ways by which organisms can get into food are diverse and cannot be exhausted. Air-borne seems to be a major source in case of B and B. The stagnant water will definitely harbour flies which will then hover over the foods of customers patronizing it. The ASSAN executives and NAAS executives should find a way in solving the problem of the drainage even if it has to do with cooperating with the departmental management. This is just for the safety of every person patronising the shop. As regarding the situation of the toilet, it is understood that the faculty has tried to do something about the toilet, but this still has not solved anything about the toilet. The Female toilet door should also be looked into earnestly because I believe every lady’s dignity is in her privacy. The open spaces in the toilet should be covered and made accessible for ladies to use.

I also think that the current administration has not been doing so well in knowing the opinions of NAASites because up till date, no congress has been called. If this could be put in place, just maybe, these problems could be looked into earnestly and solved. We hope for a change. Positive change is all we need.

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