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By DeSade

On the 23rd of June, 2018, the department of Zoology held a programme at her department, University of Ibadan tagged “Zoology Students’ Assembly” 2018, themed “The unlimited you” which had in attendance the HOD of the department, Prof. A. A. Bakare, Prof. Alex Ugwumba and other lecturers from the department.

The lecture kick-started by 10.30a.m which was held mainly for the students of the department, had renowned alumni present who were Mr. Ifeoluwa Solomon (CEO, Peppered Rice), Mr. Solomon Ajibode (Events Planning and Decoration), Mrs. Lucia Bella Okafor (Finance Sector) just to mention but a few.

The HOD of the department started by introducing the dignitaries that were on seats and the alumni present who really honoured their invitation. He then showed his dissatisfaction on the performances of the students of the department at each level, urging the students never to relent but to buckle down. He talked, focusing on the innate abilities that every student has. He admonished the students to believe in themselves and to do what they have to do referring to the alumni who have really reaped the fruit of their labour. He addressed the issue students have with having cordial relationship with themselves and even with the the alumni. He concluded his speech by assuring the students that their being under the lecture would be a blessing to them as many facilitators would be giving speeches for enlightenment. Then, he welcomed Dr. Aina, a lecturer from the department and Mrs Damilola, an aalumna, who both acted as  moderators on that day.

The facilitators for this lecture were Mr Ibange (University of Leeds, UK), Mr Alphonsus Opoju, Mrs scholastic Olanrewaju (Aberdeen,Uk) with others who hammered on discipline, punctuality, consistency and diligence with self-actualisation. These facilitators took their time to explain the opportunities that are there being a zoologist, knowing that more and more can still be done outside the course they are studying also being solution driven and being social because no man can be an island.

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