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-By: Alegbeleye Okikiola Michael



Even though the driver is blind,

We’ll navigate through,

And get to our destination.


Even though the vision is blurry,

We’ll proceed with faith,

And lean on understanding.


Even though the road map is torn,

The paths are imprinted in our mind,

And the contours, in our hearts,



Even though the sun is dormant,

We’ll light the stars,

And walk with the moon.


Even though the path is thorny,

We’ll tread on the spines,

And travel in its tears.


Even though the voice is out,

We’ll echo its echoes in our hearts,

And project its reverberation.


Even though we are naked,

We’ll wrap each other,

And be each other’s loins.


Even though we are crippled,

We’ll lean on each other,

And reach the sky.




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