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It started getting worse,

Day after day.

My sight?


The leaders that claimed not to be politicians

And the politicians that claimed to be leaders.


You can be a politician till the end

But don’t forget

You cannot be a leader forever.

Leaders are like tires,

You will either be changed when faulty

Or when worn out.


Beware of those you

Scornfully disdain today

Because your followers will

Someday become leaders.

You are an epitome of quality;

Either good or bad, you decide.


“The oaths we took,

Are just words”

So do some say

But to some, oaths are oaths

And are not meant to be broken.


Look down on your followers,


We’ll definitely look up to you

But don’t forget, that,

No matter how long it takes the handy man up

On the ladder he will definitely

Come down one-day.


Rejoice, I say again rejoice.

For your leaders will become holy politicians


Your holy politicians will be true leaders


Take heed lest any man

Deceive and corrupt you.

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