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By: Kehinde Amusan

On the 14th of June, 2018, Prof. Adeolu Alex Adedapo delivered the University of Ibadan’s  431st inaugural lecture on behalf of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, U.I at Trenchard Hall, U.I. This lecture was the 6th inaugural lecture of the department of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology, and also the 39th of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. According to Professor Adeolu, this particular lecture  was delivered in a bid to summon the public to silence the undetected and undisturbed killers in man.

Prof. Adeolu, in his lecture titled “Silencing the Silent Killer” defined ‘Silent Killers’ as the disease that a person lives with for some time without knowing he or she has it, until it hurts enough to kill.  He listed hypertension, cancer, stress, diabetes, as few among such silent killers. He revealed that hypertension is a silent killer common with man and also found in cats and dogs. He added that the bait used by some fishermen contains diazionia, a silent killer that is toxic to the health of unsuspecting customers. According to his research, exposure of rat to diazionia causes anaemia. However, he disclosed that some specific plants are effective in ameliorating anaemia. According to him, another of his researches showed that 68% of farmers do not read nor follow the labelled instruction on pesticide container.

According to his research on Acute Kidney Injury formerly known as Acute Renal failure, “Cisplatin was used to induced ARF in rats”. Speaking further on Silent Killers, he affirmed that, “Cancer is a silent killer most times because it just crouches there undetected, undisturbed...”. Nevertheless, he asserted that plants can serve as a lead agent in the search for anticancer drug, which he said are always available around us. He further stated that plants with antioxidant and antidiabetes have a role to play in ameliorating diabetes, mellities and other silent killers in man. “Silencing the Silent killer requires determined effort, in a military fashion at dealing with this menace”, he affirmed.

Professor Ademola recommended dependence on herbal medicine as a means of curing most of these diseases as well as generating income. ” Effort must therefore be geared towards the development of therapeutics from plants. Herbal Medicine could serve as a veritable source of income generation if regulated. We need to focus our attention on fruits and vegetables because they are rich in antioxidants and other beneficial provisions”, he asserted.

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