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Apart from being the first, the only reason behind ‘the best’ position acclaimed to this great University of Ibadan is the students therein. Unibadan students are known not only for their academic acumen, but also for their intellectual percipience and social discernment.

Of course, there are many social clubs and groups on campus that students engage in. But one of the million ways University of Ibadan students show their level of intellectualism is through the annual Jaw War debate competition – the largest public speaking event in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Jaw War as the name implies, is a war of jaws. And it is an annual inter-hall and inter-faculty public speaking/debate competition organized by the central Literary and Debating Society, University of Ibadan.



The Literary and Debating Society, University of Ibadan (TLDS) held a press conference on Saturday, June 16th at the Lord Tedder Hall Senior Common Room. The society, which is a union of all literary and debating societies in the varsity and anchor/organizer of the popular Jaw War debate competition, entertained the Union of Campus Journalists and the general public in a conference where they expressed their stance on the forthcoming Jaw War debate competition, its theme, fixtures and schedules.

The theme for this year Jaw War is “The Nigerian Dream: Thoughts and Actions; Celebrating U.I at 70.” The theme, based on substantial analysis, reflects the current situation of our dear country as prospective solutions, policies and philosophies, necessary in making the Nigeria of our dream would be debated.



This year episode of Jaw War will commence by September 26, 2018 – that’s immediately after second semester resumption. And the calendar of event, as released by the organizer, will be followed strictly.

Preliminaries (Group Stage) September 26th – 28th, 2018
Quarter-Finals October 10th – 12th, 2018
Semi-Finals October 19th, 2018
Finals November 8th, 2018



Public Health        Vs. The Social Sciences
Technology        Vs. Pharmacy
Law        Vs. Science
Dentistry        Vs. Arts
Agriculture and Forestry        Vs. Veterinary Medicine
Clinical Sciences        Vs. Education



Alexander Brown Hall      Vs. Kuti Hall
Queen Elizabeth Hall      Vs. Lord Tedder Hall
Nnamdi Azikwe Hall      Vs. Great Independence Hall
Queen India Hall      Vs Sultan Bello Hall
Kenneth Mellanby Hall      Vs Obafemi Awolowo Hall


If you have ever witnessed any Jaw War competition, you can relate well with this. Students within and outside UI all gather to see this war of words. But it’s sad that the number of people to stand on their feet are better than those who struggled to get a seat in the venue. Should you be willing to have a place to seat, going to the venue few minutes to the commencement of the event would be a disastrous decision. This implies that only those who arrive about two hours before the event commences may have a seat. It then calls out to everyone that this reputable event needs a better venue.


Just like the previous episodes of Jaw War, the group stage is always the most interesting. Everyone would at least want to qualify to the next round. Starting from the Faculties fixtures, the defending champion (Public Health) would be facing the great Social Sciences. What a catastrophic draw! The ever energetic Technology will be facing Pharmacy. No much threat? The Law vs Science is not fair. Faculty of Science have always been on the breaking point. Dentistry and Arts have no significant history in Jaw War, likewise Agriculture and Forestry with Veterinary Medicine. Another great moment will be for the Clinical Sciences and Education.

For the halls of residence, defending champions, Alexander Brown Hall will be facing Kuti Hall. This is definitely unpredictable. But then, it wouldn’t be surprising if Kuti would have to be ransomed and admitted to the clinical labs to be treated by residence of ABH. Queen Elizabeth II and the Lord Tedder will come with so much expectations. Infact, it could be asserted to be the match to watch. These are halls with top public speakers par excellence. Zik hall will be meeting Independence hall again at the group stage which if devoid of error in calculation would be the third consecutive time since 2016 that they have been meeting at the first round. Idia hall will have a great work to do to overshadow Bello hall and that is if Bello won’t disappoint like last year. And on the contrary, Mellanby should be happy with the pairing having eliminated Awo Hall with a gp point last year (0.33). But Awo can surprise Uites this year and not run from the debate like they did against Tedder owing to Temmy Gista’s controversial post about them.

In conclusion, Jaw War 2018 will come with so much expectations and intensity. You’ll get to know about logic, punchlines, premises, rebuttals, refutations and many more. And probably you don’t know the origin of ‘tap fingers’ that people do in your class when a lecturer says something incredible – maybe a grammatical error though; then anticipate this great event. It

Till then, please learn the anthem of this great University.

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