-By: Alegbeleye Okikiola

‘Nigeria needs to become a driver of globalization’, ‘When oil price sneezes, Nigeria catches cold’, ‘Nothing is stopping us from getting the exact kind of leadership we want’, said Professor Kingsley Ayodele Moghalu, a presidential aspirant under the party of Youth Progress Party.

The program which was organized by The Kingsley Moghalu Initiative in conjunction with All Nigerian United Nation Students Association(ANUNSA) (UI chapter) slated for 12pm didn’t start until 1:20pm with the MC apologizing for starting late. The welcome was delivered by ANUNSA president, Mr. Segun, he welcomed everybody and also apologized for the program starting late. The program continued with Mr. Emeka Ossai coordinating the interactive session and also review of This is Nigeria by Falz. Three active youths were called to the podium to analyze and talk on the video as to what it has spurred in Nigerians and also on the topic of the program ‘Active citizenship for leadership’.  Temitope Ishola (Temmygista), Sadik Oluwagbenga, Ms. Mayegun Iwatunayeda, later on, Miss Chinenyen were also called upon. They all did justice to the video and also to the topic by airing and analyzing the components of the topic and the videos succinctly.

Before the arrival of the keynote speaker, people were weary as they’ve sat for more than two hours and yet they keep saying that Prof. Moghalu will soon arrive. Around 3:26 pm, the keynote speaker arrived. Things changed as the atmosphere was seasoned by encapsulating and invigorating sentences from the main man of the day.  After his citation, he started by introducing himself before diving deep into the topic of the day.  Prof Kingsley explained that there must be a citizen before leader will emerge. And an active citizen does the right thing at the right time. He explained that leadership involves motivation, calculation, thinking and taking of calculated risks. And that the leadership may sometimes break a nation.

Explaining the reasons why people should vote for him, he mentioned some of his accomplishments at United Nations, as the deputy governor of central bank and in other developed and developing countries. With these, he said ‘I’m a grand master of strategies’. He said some of his agenda for the country if elected. He stated his tripod plan of developing Nigeria, which are:  Heal Nigeria and build a nation; Economic transformation based on economic complexities and Restore Nigeria’s state in the world. He furthered that the latter cannot be achieved without the successful execution of the first strategies. This cannot be done without people getting their Permanent Voter’s card, he reiterated, admonishing people to get their PVCs and cast their votes.


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