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By Alatishe Oluwaferanmi     

Meet Adenitan David aka Dr. Wiz , another Dr.Sid in embryo. He is a 400 level student of Dentistry , who has a brighter future in music. Dr. Wiz , the 2nd child of a family of 4 developed his love for music at a very early age when he was a member of Redeemed Chior in his primary school. He released his first song titled “Who Am I” in 2017, his fourth year in University of Ibadan. After this, he has released two other songs; Chinwe Mo and Tonight.

The artist has the superstar Wizkid as a prototype of what he wants to become and he earned his stage name “Dr Wiz” as a result of his ability to sing a whole album.of the superstar without missing a line.

He has been featured in a lot of social activities in University of Ibadan one of which was the just concluded Jokes Apart 3 organized by Gee Jokes, a popular Uni Ibadan Comedian. The artist has a cordial relationship with all UI musicians and much admiration for Sultan, a Uni Ibadan law graduate. While he described

his contemporary in school as raw materials yet to be processed, all of whom he doesn’t admire.

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