Like A Yoruba adage says “the kolanut is better matured in the mouth of the elders, so also is justice best achieved by the eminent citizens of our country.  Over some decades now is seems the entertainment industry especially music industry has lost the sense of activism and the quality of being the voice of the masses started or commonly known with Fela Anikulapo Kuti and this has taken the love of music especially hip hop away from the mind of many.

After a long wait by concerned individuals for who will be the messiah, a new light finally shown in the tunnel through the person of Folarin Falana aka Falz the badh guy. He has through his latest song ” This is Nigeria” bring to limelight the hypocrisy in every spheres of our daily lives.

The song is a satire( that is portraying the ugly side of an individual or society in an humourous manner) and like the popular poem “Ambassadors of poverty”, he started by making it known that we are responsible for the hopeless state of our country. But is this really true? Indeed is it. When a common man because of short time benefit (a token or a bowl of rice) sells out his constitutional right for a plate of porridge like the biblical Esau and he is indeed satisfied temporary but he will retribute this pleasure for a decade and cause some innocent ones to share in their pains. Thus, the common man beclouded by short lived pleasure promotes injustice.

He has went to lamented aiding and abetting of crime (that is Thirty six million Naira being stolen by some individuals and attributing to snake) by people who though were not pepertrators of the crime but for some unknown reasons helped the evil doers to come up with an excuse all because of a little grease that has been applied to their hands. Thus we celebrate the unknown criminals and exhaust them to places meant for the saints.

He went further to portray our insecurity through the fact that the assumed protector of the people also feels unsecured as such, they have gone to seek refuge in an asylum. What a terrible thing that the warriors are now afraid of war then, is there any hope for the coward?


He also made talked about those acclaimed servants of the God of Mercy who under the canopy of his name oppress and foster the course of hardship. These people get fat by the accumulation of their congregations’ widows mite. They buy private jet with the monies contributed by the bike men, their dogs are fed with pizza bought with the money of a man who can hardly eat “EBA” three times daily.

The people refered to here are those who have turned the work of God to business”…freely you received, freely give…”

A lot of issues such as tribalism, nepotism, favoritism has indeed eaten deep into our hearts and this is what the song correct. We should all try,not just to sing the song, but should live and preach against injustice in our daily lives. Like peak milk says” it is in you ” and if it is in you, let it begin with you. Be An

Ambassador of Peace everywhere you find yourselves.


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