-By: Yemi Alesh

Professor Kingsley Moghalu, a political aspirant has visited the University of Ibadan to have a talk with the students of the institution. The students of the institution were in the numbers on Friday, June 8th, as they waited patiently from about 12.00pm when the event was scheduled to commence till 3.36pm when he finally arrived.

The professor of International Affairs in United States was light-hearted to be greatly received by the students of the varsity in the Large Lecture Theatre, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ibadan. He spoke on the theme, “Active Citizenship and Leadership”. In his view, for there to be leadership, there must first of all be citizens.

He emphasized that leadership is crucial and goes a long way in determining the progress or regress of every nation. According to him, the political leaders of a country determine the destiny of the citizens.

Leadership is what determines the progress or backwardness of a country, an institution, a family and any human unit. Every leader should have vision. Authority is only a machinery for the realization of a vision”, he said.

In a bid to win the support of the varsity students in attendance, Professor Moghalu assures them that he will cause reformations to be done on the education system “when I (he) become(s) the President”:

“We will train our teachers to raise competent innovators. Second, we will change the curriculum to shift to a biased focus for innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs. There will also be a Worldview Charter, two pages, that will contain what it means to be a Nigerian”, he promised.

Speaking further on education system reforms, he said that as a lawyer, he is aware that lawyers regard themselves as the only learned professionals but that what the present Nigeria needs is more doctors, engineers and computer scientists. More investment should be made in the sciences than in the humanities and arts, he stated.

Professor Moghalu enjoined the students in attendance to cast their votes for the right candidates in the forthcoming general elections as that is what active citizenship is about.  The political aspirant entertained the press an interview alters the conference, where he stated that there is an obligation on citizens to mount pressure on INEC to perform its duties in ensuring they are able to claim their PVCs.

” It is part of our active citizenship that we must put INEC under pressure to discharge its duties. Why would you let your PVC lie somewhere without claiming it? It is also important that INEC device measures to prevent people from engaging in this sort of things “, he added.

Despite his oratory and reception at the premier university, the politician has been criticized by a number of students for arriving late and not apologizing until one of his men whispered to his ears. One of the displeased students, identified by the username, Nimisiri, took to her Twitter handle and tweeted:

“I left the Kingsley Moghalu event at the University of Ibadan angered, hurt and disappointed. I have not been disappointed in a while. Kingsley arrived at his event three hours late and didn’t even apologize to the people who had been waiting for him “.

Professor Kingsley Moghalu is a Professor of Practice at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, TUFTS University, where he teaches the course, ” Emerging Africa in the World Economy “, based on a book he has previously written. Moghalu has served in the Central Bank of Nigeria in the capacity of a Deputy Governor and in the United Nations Secretariat as a Director. He has resigned from his appointments in order to contest for the presidency of Nigeria.


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