-By: Kehinde Amusan

The above statement was made by Prof. Samuel Olayinka Salami, of the department of Guidance and Counselling, Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan, said this at the 430th inaugural lecture of the university on Thursday, June 6th.

In his lecture, Prof. S.O Salami disclosed that his inaugural lecture titled: “A counselling psychologist’s reconstruction journey: The call for relevance” is the third inaugural lecture delivered by the department of Guidance and Counselling, since its conception. Afterwards, he stated that, though ‘counselling’ and ‘guidance’ are used interchangeably, one of their differences includes that the latter is more didactic while the former is less didactic. He further enumerated the services of counselling as educational, personal-social, and vocational counselling. ” Counselling is not pressurizing people against their needs. It does not involve influencing people’s attitude, dream or interest”, said Prof. Salami. He added that educational counselling which involves academic counselling, is to identify the personality of the students.

Also, he stated that the relevance of vocational counselling involves collection of vocational information in relation to student’s personality, traits, background, general intelligence, among others. “Counselling can help in reducing aggression and delinquent behaviour among students.”, said Prof. Salami. He further stressed the relevance of counselling in area of national development. According to him, “Youths could be encouraged, counselled to create jobs.” Guidance and Counselling also contributes to national development through identification of unemployable graduates’ interests, attitudes, among others”, said Prof. Salami. According to his research on career or vocational problems of students, “Students who have fear of failure and high neuroticism can’t achieve realistic vocational career.” “Social anxieties of students are reduced when they are exposed to play therapy”, he briefed.

According to his recommendation, ” Guidance and Counselling should be regarded as integral part of the educational system by the federal government “. “Separate section should be devoted for the discipline in the National educational policy of Nigeria”, he added. He concluded that counsellors should work hard to justify their needs and usefulness as a new field.


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