-By Dare


One might say the days of a vocal and fearless musician like Fela is long gone but last week saw the release of a controversial music video by popular lawyer and activists’ son Folarin Falana aka Falz.

Something different hit the music space on the 25th of May, from the track title ‘This is Nigeria’ one would think it is a song to praise Nigeria who was four days away from celebrating democracy day, but the opposite was the case. This time it was Falz unapologetically shaking  tables so fearlessly in an old fashioned manner that takes us back to memory lane; the Legend Fela Kuti. Nigeria has gotten to a point where everything is turned to a joke, reason being that her citizens have seen too much in little time to throw tantrums at every instance.

The four minute video takes a different direction from the norm of the flashy lifestyle and unclad women, instead the occurrence in the political sphere of Nigeria from the mischievous missing N36million saga, poor electricity, Police insecurity, herdsmen killing and BBS –Big Sister Naija winner are put in the spotlight. It does not leave out religious fanatics who exploit and deceive people under the cloak of religion.  The video ends with a Police IGP struggling to enunciate his speech.

The song has little aesthetic features, so it maintains a steady but strong energetic rhythm obviously to give more attention to the core message of the song. The tempo is low and a bit rigid with a fusion of modern rap style and a ghetto feel.

The song is said to be widely accepted with over 3million views in less than a week. It hasn’t gone pass without critics who see it is a Nigerian cover of “This is America” by American artist Gambino. The song seems to carry same message as Fela’s music did though in a modern style, even Falz is said to have in the past mentioned Fela as an influence of his music.




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