A group of 400 level medical students under the aegis of The Panacea Project have embarked on a mission to feed 500 children monthly, commencing in June at Mokola Area. This was revealed in an interview with Union of Campus Journalists’ reporter, Titus Adeolu Adekunle by the Chief Administrator of the organization, Mr Folajimi Adesanya.


UCJUI: Good morning Mr Adesanya. How are you doing today?

Mr Adesanya: Good morning. I am fine thank you, and you?


UCJUI: I am good too. Can we please know some things about you?

Mr Adesanya: I am a fourth year medical doctor in training at the University of Ibadan and currently serve as the Chief Administrator of The Panacea Project, an organization that focuses on identifying problems in our locality and proffer workable solutions to them.


UCJUI: Since today is more about The Panacea Project and not you in particular, briefly give us an overview of the organization.

Mr Adesanya: The Panacea Project is a social research organization which (like I said earlier) aims to identify and search out challenges and proffer workable solutions to them. Our modus operandi involves two main processes – one is Social Research. When we identify problems, we conduct research on the problems we have identified to determine the extent and effect they are having on people. From the findings of our research, we then organize Social Outreaches modeled to solve these problems or reduce their impact on the lives of people as much as possible. So basically, we are involved in two things; Social Research and Social Outreaches


UCJUI Before we go into the details of the organisation’s processes, we would like to know those who make up the organization

Mr Adesanya: Currently the panacea project is made up of twelve medical students of the University of Ibadan. Recently, we conducted a recruitment exercise which is still on and will be finalized very soon and we expect our numbers to increase. We started our operations late 2017. I am currently the Chief Administrator. The offices present in the organization include the office of the Chief Administrator, Administrator of Research, Administrator of Public Policy, Deputy Administrators of Research and Public Policy, and six other directors. We have the Registrar and a Task Manager.


UCJUI: Okay, Down to your processes; unarguably, the country’s ills are innumerable. What problems are top on your list?

Mr Adesanya: When we talk about problems in the Panacea Project, basically what we are talking about are the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). When the SDGs were developed in 2015, they were developed because they were problem common to all nations regardless of its level of development, regardless of being rich or poor. So, If I am to say which problems are top on our list, I would say the 17 SDGs. But of the 17, the ones we are focusing on the short term include SDGs 1, 2, 3, 12, 13 – zero poverty, zero hunger, good health and wellbeing, responsible consumption and production, climate action respectively. Those are the ones that are top on our list for now

UCJUI: Oh good! Talking about short terms, what are you working on at the moment?

Mr Adesanya: On the short term, we are working on an initiative that addresses SDG 2, zero hunger known as Feed A Child Initiative (FACI). We are not doing this alone. Currently, we are partnering with about six other organizations including the University of Ibadan Medical Students’ Association (UIMSA), Pendical, MJ Couture, Core Graphics, Temidayo Abass Photography, One Vioce Initiative. The initiative is aimed at feeding about 500 children in the Ibadan Metropolis on a monthly basis. And we plan to kick off on Saturday, June 9, 2018.

UCJUI: Could you tell us more about the FACI, particularly how it would go, location and how the public can be of help?

Mr Adesanya: the Feed a Child Initiative is a philanthropic intervention that is modeled to feed about 500 children in the Ibadan Metropolis. For the inaugural edition, we are working with Mokola area of Ibadan. We hope to move to other areas of Ibadan in other months as we get the funds. How can the public be of help? The public can be of help by donating. Currently, from our estimate, it takes about 300 naira to feed a child well, properly, balanced diet; and about 1000 naira to feed four children. The public can be of help by donating to the initiative. We have started running a fundraising campaign. We are sending out a call to the general public to help us. At the end of the outreach, all fund accrued will be made public, the total amount raised and spent, and the impact assessment will be made public


UCJUI: The organization comprises of just 12 people/offices, at the moment.  How do you intend handling feeding about 500 children with 12 hands?

Mr Adesanya: Okay, good question. If you have been following our publicity campaign so far, yesterday (27th May) a call for volunteers was released. A form is on our website (, launched last week. We expect to have people volunteer to assist us for the outreach. In addition, we have partnered with One Voice Initiative, UIMSA and Pendical. As part of the agreement, these organizations will be helping us with man power on the day. We actually believe we would sufficient number of hands on 9th June.


UCJUI: So what should we be expecting from The Panacea Project, aside FACI,  in the coming days?

Mr Adesanya: Well, for this year, we have actually identified about 3 projects we want to work on. FACI is just the first one. I won’t be mentioning any names, but I think the public should be expecting something on responsible consumption as well as climate change, something relating to waste conservation; and, something on education. Those are what will be coming out in the coming months. God willing!


UCJUI: Thank you for your time, Mr Adesanya. Is there any other thing you’d like to us to know?

Mr Adesanya: Thank you also. I would just like to thank those who have donated so far to FACI. I would also like to put a call out to people who have not donated but are will too to please donate and let us make this work together. Thank you.

UCJUI: All right Mr Adesanya. That would be all from my end.  Do enjoy the rest of your day.


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