By: Kehinde Amusan (Peka)

Every peace is pieced like a tampered neat stack of books

Even, plants soiled it home and chose the footpath

Nature seems to doubt its resolutions

Not even the day or night seems assuring

The day is lit by the stars and not even the fiery sun could change its course.


My faith is losing me to such bias thought that

‘Africans are blessed with souls and not reason’

We appear to be caring but behind we snitch

Many made her vault but few effortlessly loot it

No wonder democracy is losing Africa to corruption

What a twisted continent of love and betrayal!


My faith is weary of corrupted white robe,

But yearn for ad interim green robe.

My faith is drowning at the loudly despair bell of the church

Even, the hourly cries of the mosque

Aid not my deluded mind from losing its brace.


Oh my faith! Listen to the rumbling of the sky

For the cloud is gathering dark.

Like a corrugated roof beaten by the rain,

She perceives the southeasterly wind fanning the earth.

For the pre-natality of a new harvest, a revived continent

Where free education is a right and not a choice

Where circulation of commonwealth is a necessity and not an advantage

Where leaders are patriots and not parasitic parrots


Albeit, I’m losing my faith to the sun that set at dusk

But begs to hop on the moon and stars that (ever) sail through the dark as nighthawks

© Kehinde Amusan (Peka)


Amusan Kehinde Olabiyi is an undergraduate student of the Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan. He is a campus journalist and a poet.  Amusan Kehinde Olabiyi can be reached via the following contacts: kehindeamusan98@gmail.com; Twitter -@AmusanKehinde13; Facebook – Kehinde Amusan; WhatsApp – 09099118565; Instagram – Peka_Kenneth; Home address – Oluwo, Along Ife Expressway, Egbeda Local Government, Ibadan.


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