The one year of unionless testing is behind and as we move on, the second year is at the door. For ten years, the students’ union was suspended, and according to the vice chancellor, nothing happened. Many students are at peace with this idea of no union in a tertiary institution because as obviously important as it is, they are blind to pick a pin of its usefulness. It was in May 29, 2017 when students protested because despite the added amount to the price of identity card, the school authority could not produce half of it for students. Many students lose many opportunities because of the small chip. The management had added to the former six hundred and fifty naira because it wanted to produce an electronic identity card, but at the end, it seemed like a producer getting a pay with even having what to produce with. Some called it scamming, some say it is pure theft while some were so honest that they could understand that the identity card would be produced but due to paralyzed funding, the money that some students suffered to gather can block the debt.

It will surely annoy an elderly man to be disrespected and that was why, on the hot day, when the sun was still fuming, the senate could not make the retaliation a cool one. On May 29, 2017, every stakeholder having an office at the Students’ Union Building was sent out without packing and everything seemed dead. Since then, students, well wishers and other associations have turned their tongues into the hot pot, but instead of getting the steam, they also had their tongues burnt.

The fault started from the inaugural speech of the elected president where he “ordered” residents of the female hostels to go ahead and make use of their hotplates. This issue had not got a cool spot before another issue of identity card mount on it. Then, many students condemned while some appraised the elected president, Ojo Aderemi. To say without being bias, honesty kills. It was in the power of the president to decide what would happen, but he was meek enough to listen to the students that supported protest, of which no one knows if they were students.

The issue of hotplate would have been a forgivable one if proper consultation was made. There is no inaugural speech that would have lacked a sense of fact like the first of the list of that administration. Then, before the protest was conducted, it was said by the president himself that the vice chancellor told him that the protest should not go beyond the four walls of the university, meanwhile the students thought it good to dare the pretending lion. This is the student part which has been addressed succinctly.

How will it be that a quick judgment of closure of the union building was not meted to the students? A simple verdict would have been passed. The fact that the building was locked shows that if the school authority can transfer aggression to those selling foods, accessories and computer wares, the whole building would be locked. There was no actual target of the management because many of the officials kept mentioning the president’s name, whereas, his offense was not enough to close down a whole building that brings students together. Everybody messes up. The misuse of power in the town and the gown is abundant that punishing students for doing so would be a thought of a man from a lawfully unlawful city. Now, students don’t have a say anymore, the transportation on campus now seems as if it has been divided into the three mode – land, water and air. The bike men now have their own government on pricing, Cab drivers also wish to take the same amount from anywhere to anywhere. What else should be called victimization when a porter does not know his job than to pick a student and fine him a bogus amount which nobody has sent him? One thing leads to another and everything is getting down and choking the throat of the calm students.

This is a call on the management to see the tears of those that want the past to come back to play. It is so obvious that students are scattered these days because they have nothing to hold on to. The essence of unionism was obviously abused because of the set of cankerworms that culminate it. Meanwhile, essentials are not known in paper, but by action and deed, when everything is lost, the usefulness comes to play. The students’ union was created mainly for the voice of the students to be heard, to have people that will be intermediaries between the management and students and maintains peace all around the campus community. Obviously now, the school authority may have peace of mind concerning students protest, but what of the joy of the students that has been long slept on?

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