-BY: Alegbeleye Okikiola Michael and Yemi Alesh

‘It is what we feed, we exhibit … The abundance of protein affects the neural activities’ These were the words of Professor David Olusoji Adejumo, at his inagural lecture at Trenchard hall on 24th, May, 2018.

Professor David Olusoji Adejumo, a professor of nutritional physiology, Department of Animal Science, delivered his speech on Brain, Sex and Fertility: The Trinity of Animal Procreation. He did justice to the topic in an encapsulating and engrossing presentation.  He spoke on brain being the most complex organ in the universe as it’s wired more than the computers in the world when put together. He said the brain has billions of neurons and millions of synaptic clefts.

Linking brain, sex and fertility together, he showed in some of his research works, how the brain is a sexual trigger as its sensitivity and responses to some organs in the body determines sexual  bahaviour. He cited an example of a castrated animal  which started behaving unusually after the hormones are not being responded to. He further stated the adverse effects of change in the environmental condition on brain, and how behaviour will be later affected. His research covered a study on brain and its components functions at different stages, before and during the  lifetime of an animal, both in male and female. Here, he said that any abnormality that can kill human beings, affects the brain first.

‘A mad man driving mad cows’, he chipped in when he was expatiating more on the effect of abnormal exposure to changes in the environment. Stressing the fact that ranching is very important,  he explained that animals which were exposed to high temperature for few hours nearly lost their fertility,  not to mention  a situation where  people drive animals about  under the sun from one state to another. He confirmed that this  change in environment will affect them psychologically. Also, he said people who abuse their body with alcohol and the likes are killing their brain.

The research work of the professor of reproductive zoology included the “manufacturing” of an artificial vagina for rabbits. According to him , nothing of such had been done before, but the attempts of his research team yielded a 99% success.

He rounded up his lecture by appreciating those that have contributed immeasurably to his success in research and life generally. According to him, “The profound response of our scholarship on this university is that we have tremendous technical potential for cutting edge research”. He equally recommended that Nigeria should adopt a national policy on animal livestock enterprise economy.

The event was graced by important personalities like the Deputies Vice-Chancellor, Deans of faculties, Registrar, lecturers, Basorun Milan Daisi, Clergymen,  Ibadan Grammar School Old School Association (IGSOSA), students, school officials, pressmen, among others.


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