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By: Alegbeleye Okikiola

My fellow Stars,

Gather, let’s ratiocinate together.

As the moon has decided to slumber

In the bed of clouds,

Leaving the world in darkness,

Let’s ruminate and light their paths.


My fellow inkers,

Come, let’s wet the appetite of papers

With proverbs and metaphors,

Inscribing the way forward,

On the face of the earth,

On the slate of people’s mind.


My fellow readers,

Come, let’s uncover the covered;

Plait the pages;

Highlight the mistakes in the present chapter,

And write our future story,

with inks from our PVC,

with a corruption-free quill(heart)


My fellow change agents,

Come, let’s create a change,

A change that spurs changes

in others to make a positive change.


Come, my fellow music lovers,

Diverse notes make a melody;

several ethnic groups,

If only we’d unite,

We will sing harmoniously.


My fellow seers,

Come, the vision is blur,

Sinking in the ocean of lies.

Let’s paddle our spiritual canoe,

And check the heart of the ocean

for our next future course.








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