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-BY: Yemi Alesh

The Law Students Society, under the administration of Ms. Adedoyin Kausarat, has conducted the freshers welcome programme, against the resolution of the Law Students’ Representative Council (LSRC) and a decision made by the Judicial Council of the Faculty.

When on Thursday, May 17th, the president of LSS, Ms. Adedoyin Kausarat presented the budget of the freshers’ welcome programme to the Representative Council for ratification, just seventeen hours before the programme was set to hold, the Representative Council suspended the resolution immediately on the ground that it was against the constitutional provision that such a budget must be tabled before them at least seventy two hours before the programme was set to hold.

The president of the LSS approached the Judicial Council for a decision to turn over the resolution of the LSRC only to not get it. Affording to Justice Ayeku who decided the case, it was the obvious that the president of the LSS had violated the principle of separation of powers.

Meanwhile, one Honourable Tobi, a 500 level law student and member of the LSRC cried out that he was intimidated by the LSS president, whom he claimed told him that she would slug it out with the members or the LSRC if they do not pass the budget.

Despite the odds, the Faculty of Law held its freshers’ welcome programme on Friday, May 18th.  Meanwhile, a fine of #2,000 was slammed on her by the LSR for her conduct, and she was demanded to write an apology letter to the house before Monday, May 21st.

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