-BY: Yemi Alesh

The Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan has held its freshers’ welcome programme for this session. The event which held on Friday, May 18th at the Faculty’s ETF large lecture theatre, was graced with the presence of the Faculty’s sub-dean (undergraduate), Mr. Olaniyan (alais, Othello), Dr. Akintayo and the faculty officer, Mrs. Akinpelu.

The event started officially few minutes past eleven and was packed with an introduction of the clubs and chambers in the faculty. The faculty drama club, Lawlihood made a short presentation to interest the freshmen. Speeches were also delivered by persons of the high table on how new students should conduct themselves now that they are on their own.

The welcome programme was heightened by a speech on students’ conduct delivered by the sub-dean undergraduate, Mr. Olaniyan. Mr. Olaniyan expressed his dissatisfaction with the manner the fresh students have been conducting themselves. According to him, they are rude, which is against the ethics of the faculty and of the legal profession. A reference was made to the case of the A.G’s address in the 100 level class during their Legal Methods class on Thursday, which received criticism and badmouthing from the fresh students.

A certain female student identified as Omotolani, took to her WhatsApp status to insult the person of the Attorney-General. As read out by the Attorney-General of the Law Students’ Society, Mr. Olalere Yusuf, the lady stated on her status that the A.G’s action was nothing but “radarada”, ” good riddance to rubbish “.

During his speech, Mr. Olaniyan emphasized the role of the A.G as a representative of the students as well as the faculty. According to him, the A.G has all the powers, based on the constitution of the Law Students Society, to talk to them and even arrest them because of their dressing. Another student, identified as Kikiola, the representative of the 100 level class also said Mr. Olalere was acting with authority, as if he was talking to a set of small children. Mr. Olaniyan picked out another female student for showing act of disrespect while he was talking.

It was obvious the fresh students are in for it. Meanwhile, the office of the Attorney-General of the Law Students Society issued a public notice on Saturday, May 19th, about an apology written by the said offending students which was forwarded to the Attorney-General.


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