-BY: Adedokun Seyi

Agricultural economics students’ association of faculty of agriculture has invited the general public to a one-day training workshop on SPSS (Statistical Package System Software) and STATA software which has been scheduled to hold on Saturday, June 2, 2018.

The workshop which will hold at the department’s computer room by 10:00am will focus mostly on finalists and students in their penultimate. It is an opportunity to have the knowledge of how to use these tools for data analysis, be effective and efficient in data collection and become a data analyst. The training which is a setup of the department’s association receives a token of five hundred naira (#500) from students of the department and seven hundred naira (#700) from non-departmental students.

According to the president of the department, Ogwuji Daniel,

(SPSS) Statistical Package System Software and STATA are tools that are very useful in the analysis of collected or gathered data. These tools help to simplify rigorous analysis processes. Most researches at different levels of study (undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD) use these tools and many other statistical analysis tools when analysis data are gotten from the field.  

He explained that all students, both male and female and researchers are entitled to its knowledge. It is not only in their finals that students are entitled to carry out research projects. Hence, it is useful to all levels of studies.

“In my own personal view, I see this one day training workshop as an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed especially because I’m in my final year and undertaking my research projects. The prospect of becoming a data analyst and researcher could arise from this training workshop where you get paid to just run the analysis of field data and many more opportunities.”


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