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-BY: Faith Adedolapo Olayiwola

Why are we then late?
When thoughts shall be shared
And actions prevail
Then dreams, hopes and aspirations
Shall then be subdued on the altar of love
Then weight shall increase
And purpose, emphasized

Why are we then late?
When success is not determined by distance
But the time and value it proffers
And after several merry-go-round
For it we go by day not
Then the night shall announce our arrival
And reveal our scary nature
Small, slow and witchery
But they shall not prevent us from being
Who we truly are: mighty, fast and awesome
The winner shall then be received
In all pleasure and applause
And smirks and defeated smiles

And when again we view our pains
Shall we then again say
Why are we then late?
When we could have avoided shame
And made efforts to race faster and prove
Stronger so we would have no need to play die-in-hand

For why are we then late?
If our joy would be one
And in one voice we shall then speak
And our pains shall be hidden memories
To make space for the exciting ones
Why are we then late?
If my love for you shall stand firm
Neither weary nor slippery
But shall endure as the waves of heaven does
And again, I say
Why are we then late?
If theft, greediness and corruption could have been avoided
And equality would have prevailed
The streets would be transparent
And our schools would be free
Why are we then late?
If the sick would get healed
And not go home with a complex one
And then again shall we say
When our folly becomes wit
And sound mind rules the day
Why are we then late?

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