Recently, University of Ibadan was ranked among the world emerging economies universities on Times Higher Education on May 9, 2018 ranking the 201-250 on the list of 378 universities in the world. Attentions of the masses were shifted to it as the vice chancellor shared it on his Facebook wall with some regretting while some appreciate the success of the institution. Comments of people are obvious that they want many things to be broken apart from the educational history of the premier institution. They want the school to come into limelight and deal with what is inward rather than making a frog jump when outsiders praise its effort. In Nigeria today, University of Ibadan, with all its shortcomings cannot be left behind the best four universities and it has also been making its stride in the world. In 2016, it ranked 601 in the list of 980 best universities of the world. With every complaint of students and passersby, it still got its encomium from well-wishers. Parents are happy for sending their children to one of the best universities in Nigeria, students are happy for even having a third class in this university will get a salutation from a palm wine tapper.

It is noteworthy that students that occupy the same university, use the facilities and equipment and walk the road are not seeing anything to be proud of in the university system. Students especially have got to see the extent of victimization by any official of the university even if it is wrong. Meanwhile, universities are not ranked according to their Abachadised level. By swerving their minds off the verdict, the academic torment of the university and standard of living is highly debased. The rate at which the management of the school is politicized to some people is called “a highly ranked catastrophe”. Before resumption of the new session, the fee schedule has dismantled the mind of the common boy fending for himself. It has clandestinely sent some into early state of begging from the uneducated person. It was obvious during the parents’ meeting that held on April 10 that some of the officials care less of whatever would become of a dropout or a student that struggles to pay a penny of the fee. Above all, Times Higher Education said it has the best in Nigeria.

The vice chancellor commented sometimes ago about the condition of the halls of residence. He complained about the state of the rooms to the extent of saying it is impossible to raise any student with character in such living condition married off with cockroaches and bedbug’s infestation, but till today, the only solution is to increase the accommodation fee, tell students that it is not compulsory to live in the hall, and also tell the masses of student representatives that the increment is just to maintain a condition which none of them has ever experienced. Laboratories are still in their rotten state – a state of barrenness, a state of paucity and a situation which has made people to call “the first and the best” a common form of branding. With this incurable state, presumably, the almighty institution still bags an award by this ranking goddess.

The vice chancellor met the comment on the way by kissing it with John Gustafson’s article on Quora.com. He is a visiting professor at National University of Singapore. Succinctly, he redirected the complaint to government’s ability to do but refuse to establish. It is very bad of the federal government to owe her workers a penny be it teachers or anybody. The first crime committed by the government is making employment a privilege to job seekers. It can be simply put that it is a form of caging because he would see another opportunity that he could freely walk into instead of the false hope flying up and down like tide. The government also put a stop to tuition fees payment when lecturers are owed millions of naira. Over the years of the Buhari Administration, enough has been heard to conclude that education is not on the list of his functions. A government that lacks education or makes it ephemeral for its citizens will suffer brutally from the hands of the deprived.

Meanwhile, the university is yet to stop deceiving her clients. It is hiding behind the sham of underfunding and students have been drawn by their collar closely to the shadow of trust. The more the management tries to draw students’ trust, the more everyone lost believe in the system because the level of bureaucracy has laddered into aggrandizement. The moment many people try to draw up to success, bring about development and transformation, some people will still decide to lift the banner of backwardness and deplete every resource to their own grave.

This is no more a tiptoe into fully resuming another academic session. It is only good to make a good conscious call on the school management to improve on the internally generated revenue and other ventures to rebuff the academic retrogression and practical negligence of lecturers because of electricity short supply and equipment. It is not all about supporting first class students alone but it is the duty of the school authority to render the services that students have paid for. When we complain about corruption in the country, it is does not start in the open space or in a palace full of drunken masters, but in a place where dishonesty appears like honesty and wolves are jollifying in sheep wools.



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