– By: Adedokun Seyi

It will be ideal to make use of the king in us carefully and the thing that belongs to caesar comes so quick to him. The queen in us has more virtue than those that have made their mouth into an opening spurting word void of security. Everyone errs, but when it comes to speaking bad of another in a strangeland, especially from the mouth of the first citizen, it means a lot than just “a lot”. Instead of building a meaningful wall like that of Mexico, our leader has build a merciless fence against us. In the 48 laws of power, the fourth, ninth, twenty-five and twenty-nine have to be our counter motion which are: always say less than necessary, win through your actions, never through argument, recreate yourself and enter action with boldness.

Fellow Nigerians, let us call a meaningful meeting and reason together. We have been shouting about the permanent voters card (PVC), that people should get theirs to vote Buhari out of office, to retire him to Daura and preside over his cattle. He erred a lot with his speech at Westminster, but we may make the same mistake like we did in 2015 when we voted for him because we wanted Good luck to leave. We shouldn’t leave the issue of voting for the right person and then face permanent voter card alone.

Now, does PVC makes up anything? It is undecided. Before using voters card, one thing was in use and there was nothing that stops it from being objective than corruption. Now, PVC. It is commendable that technology has sharpen us, but let’s know that those that produced this card will know how to lobby with it. Firstly, it depends on how we direct our vote with our senses.  Second, the last power standing is what surrounds the conditions. If you think rigging is impossible, then let’s wait and see the after-election.

The security during election must be trustworthy and everyone at the polling booth should not be acquainted with any political party.  If there is any, it is expected that everyone be monitored by any special undercover agent of INEC.

Hitherto, let us not make the same mistake of voting someone in because we want to vote the other out. I beseech all the lazy youths to calm down and deal with the issue of election with equal verdict. Buhari was voted in on the platform Jonathan’s failure, then after few months, we started crying and gnashing our teeth.

Meanwhile, we still have to understand that one of the major problems of Africa is the old people we vote into government offices as Koffi Annan, former UN secretary general has observed. Alpha Condé of Guinea is 78, Buhari of Nigeria is 74, Beji  Caid Essebsi of Tunisia is 90, Jacob Zuma of South Africa is 74, Paul Biya of Cameroon is 80 and so on. What do we want these people to do other than thinking of their families and their own safety? They may not be corrupt persons on the real sense, but the way they would think is liken to a small child’s mental strength.

This is the best time for us to use our uncommon sense and compare the strength of a youth to the old soldier who only needs to lay his back, sit in his crib and watch his great-grandchildren grow with good attitude. The choice is ours, whether to hide behind ten megabytes and keep ranting on social media. Let us build a new Nigeria by taking it back from the retired contractor

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