By- Cicero


Mama asked me “What do you want to become in future?”, My reply was very sharp! my declaration to be a medical professional was straight from my heart, just like the love of a young girl swimming in the ocean of love at first sight. Mama admonished me to be strong and determined to accomplish my ambition, she clamoured that to be a medical professional could not be achieved by mere words of the mouth but through hardwork and consistent focus on the passionate dream.


I went through series of academic tests and paraphernalia but I did overcome. WAEC came, I defeated it, JAMB followed closely after, I “jambed” it away and when UI post UTME came my way, I had a smiling face. I stood victorious and my dream was on it’s way to fulfilment. So the song of victory was already in motion for composition. The dream of me becoming a medical doctor and making my poor mom rich is loading.


This joy kept flowing until the fees of my training grew wings but stopped me from flying. My ambition was pending and my hope was suspended. The powerful hands were at it again.


Please help me tell mama, that my progress has been put on hold by the strong hands who do not want the poor man’s child to be great. They want to monopolize the medical profession for the rich alone.


Please help me tell my ghetto counterparts who share my kind of ambition to start praying against those strong hands who wish to truncate their dreams.


Hopelessness dwells in the heart of the poor, innocent and oppressed. We want to be what we want to be! Who will save the bright future from dropping out of school? who will save us from these enemies of progress, who have kept our soul in dilemma ?


Oh ye tables, turn around and save us from these strong hands. Our hostel fees grew, our tuition fees grew but unfortunately we are unable to grow because of the pains.





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