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When I was young, my dream was to go to the University of Ibadan. I heard so many good reports from people as regards the school. I was very happy. The school became a beacon of hope to all Nigerian students. Everyone wanted the school but only few are chosen. UI- the first and the best.

My dream became real when I was admitted into one of the departments under the faculty of the Basic Medical Sciences. I became a beacon of hope also to those who were after me. “If I can do it, you can” was my daily advice to others.

One of the reason why I joined the school was because it was a Federal school. Federal schools pay less tuition fees because of the Sponsorship they receive from the Federal government. Hostel fee was cheap and affordable (#14000). The school fees was less than #25000. There was hope. I was happy. I felt like I was in heaven.

Lectures started and things were good. Along the way, I noticed some departments in my faculty had poor practical sessions. Apparatuses were not enough. There were times practicals were postponed due to inadequate apparatus or absence of electricity. The Government was failing in their duties to my beloved school. So I thought. Doubts began to build up in my mind. Students were worried. “Theory is not enough, practicals are needed” they said. Their complaints were not heard and with time, the students gave up their claims. Is this the UI of my dream? I began to wonder.

Earlier this week, the fee schedule was released and every Uite was happy. “No increase in school fees”. They later realized that the hostel fees has been increased from #14000 to #30000. In a hall, the fee is #40000. Why should it be like this? No genuine answers were given. Last session, there was inadequate power supply for students staying in the halls. They endured because they had no choice. It was safer in the halls and some were unable to afford the cost of living outside. The increase in hostel fees crushed many people’s hope. Crushing people’s hope is wickedness and cannot be tolerated. No to increment!!

College of Medicine, University of Ibadan is regarded as the best and premier college in the country. Alongside, the increased hostel fees, students in the college were asked to pay #75000 in some departments and #100000 in others. Why? The answer was because of the professional training received in the college. Students are not dullard. We know cheating when we see one. Will the final year students take part in this training? No one wants to pay for a service he or he won’t receive. Some departments in the college are not classified as professional. This is very clear. They want students to pay the lecturers’ salaries.

If the school was unable to pay the salaries of the lecturers and they asked the students that would have been better. Extorting students is very wrong. Education is a gift, an opportunity, a beacon of hope for a better future. It is not supposed to be hard and a near death experience. Departments in the faculty of science do more practicals and yet they do not extort them. College of medicine do not have the right too.

Remember, if students are cheated, the future of the country is at stake.

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