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Thanni Mustakeem

The movement to have a NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ARABIC AND ISLAMIC STUDIES STUDENTS IN NIGERIA (NAAISS) took a giant leap with delegates from some institutions in Nigeria coming together on the 10th of February, 2018 to discuss and map out modalities for the formation of the association. The historic meeting was held at the Muslim community central mosque, University of Ibadan under the hosting leadership of Mr. Ibrahim Babalola the President of the circle of Arabic and Islamic studies students (HALQAH), University of Ibadan.

The meeting centred upon crucial matters such as: the need for a national body, aims and objectives of such body, sponsorship for the association, as well as issues relating to the constitution and convention of the association.
The major highlight of the meeting was the bidding to set up committees to look after the infant association. After rigorous discussion, it was agreed by institutions present that a caretaker committee should be constituted, this commitee will be made up of the council of presidents (Ummarahu) from all institutions offering Arabic and Islamic stidies as a course, representatives from the female members, one representative from each institutions and the seven founding members, this committee was agreed by the institutions present to be chaired by the coordinator of the association, Mr. Thanni Mustakeem (UI). Decisive steps were also taken with regards to the drafting of a constitution which will operate as the grund norm and modus operandi for the association.
Delegates present at the mini convention include Mr. Mudathir Sulaiman(FCE SPED-UI), Adenuga Sherif (EKSU), Yusuf Uthman (Cresent uni),Adetutu Musa(UNILAG), Ipaye Idris (TASUED), Aniwura Ridwanullah (FEC SPED), Issa Sulaiman (ISS, Lasu),Junaid AbdulSalam (Arabic, FCE Osiele),Adegbola Sodiq (Arabic LASU), Muhammad Khalid(ISS, FCE osiele), the hosting leadership, Mr. Ibrahim Babalola(UI) among other honorable delegates.

Professor A.A. Oladosu and his wife, Dr. Habibah Oladosu Uthman from the Department of Arabic and Islamic studies, University of Ibadan were also in attendance, they gave words of advice and encouragement to the students present.

The mini convention was moderated by Mr. Ridwan Mustapha (UI), A postgraduate student of Islamic studies.

NAAISS is expected to champion the cause of uniting all member students as well as serve as a platform for members to render their opinions on concerned issues.

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