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Week in, week out, our papery designed press board draw attention from the curious passer-by. Some are fans, some just wants to know what is the latest on campus, while some prefer the entertainment corners like those who patronize the complete sports newspaper every morning. Needless to say that a lot of work goes into satisfying our readers urge for timely and factual information. And to talk of it, the brains behind these works are students who also have to juggle between classes and getting the news stories. It is a hectic work, no doubt, but we still deliver to our best.

Ladies and gentlemen, this week we present to you the brains behind UCJUI’s powerhouse; the editorial board.



His name is Seyi and has an uncommon cognomen which camouflages against weapons- Adedokun. Adedokun Seyi is a student from the faculty of Agriculture. His discipline is directed to the congregation of animals, which makes it easy for him to dissect political animals and compare them to the talent of the four, uncommon two- with web-leg animals-Animal Science Department. He is in his third year. Flinged to University of Ibadan from the family of five (5) where he is the second born and only male in the family. His two wasn’t birthed to any other family than the bossom of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Adedokun being a native of the only town with the highest number of brown roof- Ibadan. The funny aspect is that, he has been to two primary schools (in Oyo), two secondary schools (Oyo) and two universities in Oyo state.

Presently, he is the Deputy chief correspondent of Zikpress Organisation. Also, the online editor of Agropress Organization and the features editor of the Union of Campus Journalists, lumen society- all in University of Ibadan. A zealous poet, writer who is full of sarcasm in speeches and disciplinarian who will never toy journalism for anything. His philosophy- There is no standard philosophy, but the situation which you find yourself birth one- Anonymous



You can simply call her Ehi. She is that Arts Editor, who is not so tall. (On a lighter note). She is a 400 level student of the Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development. She does much of creative writing. Not only is it her hobby, it is her most potent coping mechanism to sweetly escape from life’s hard realities. She has published her works on a few platforms. You can read more of her writings on poetryhubb.blogspot.com or follow her on IG- sage_e.b.o  FB- /ogwiji.ehi



Meet the nurse to be, a 400 level student of Nursing. She believes that “if you cannot talk or write”, how else do you expect your voice to be heard? To her, writing is a form of projection. So she abhors it when she is confronted with the cliché that what seems to be the correlation between Nursing and Journalism, although she finds a polite way to educate such people. Please, do not confuse her personality, being an ‘ambivert’ is not what you see every day. She is the most  gentle on the board (so she claims).



Birthed on January 18, today, Kenny is a 300 level student of Chemistry. Her smile even while under pressure is one to beat. She is an ardent lover of her faith and she takes Jesus Christ to be her role model. From the foregoing, her hobbies are not so far-fetched. Just give her a book, or challenge her to writing, or just join her in prayers. They all come easy to her. Did I mention that she is a chef of herself? Oh yes, she is! What you may not quickly get to know about her is that she is a fashion designer, a lover of the gele-tying skills and a hair stylist. So all you girls wanna-be, here is a perfect model. She lives her life to inspire others, maybe that is why she holds the Deputy Editor’s position on UCJUI’s editorial board to be worthy of emulation. Pretense is far from her ways and she does not like seeing others possess such characteristic.



Our Vice Chancellor’s name sake is a 400 level student of the Department of English. He is the Entertainment Editor of the Union of Campus Journalists(UCJ) as well as for Mellanby Hall Press Organization(MHPO). It would not be a thing of surprise if you are appraised of the fact that he is a huge lover of good music, one hell of a movie maniac and a fashion freak. For the ladies who might want our entertainer in the house, you might need to know some other things about him (let us keep this a secret between us). ‘He also enjoys editing, blogging and graphic design, besides writing.’ (so good luck getting along with him)



This tall, light-skinned, handsome young man is a student of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Ibadan. He is a creative design enthusiast who majors in brand identity and publicity design. He works as the Lead Designer at TedxUI Club which was recently launched. He is also the Deputy Editor in Chief of his faculty Press Organisation as well as the Investment and Special Duties Chairman of the prestigious Sigma Club.



From the department of Computer Science, Ilyas brings his experience to the team. When you see ucjui.com bringing you timely information, give thanks to his four years in the course. Gifted to the world in 1996, he seems to be rooting for Nigeria right from the great beyond as his best colour is that of the national flag; green. When you see him write, it may not come as a surprise. When you catch him playing football, you might well say that he is just a soccer fan. Talk of designing, that is what his computer skills are for. But most of all, he is a creative young man.  He is also gifted with three tongues; English, Yoruba and Arabic. Talk of poetry and he cannot be left out of it.



Introducing… Sir Nubia! You can also call him Musty. He resides in Kuti Hall, a stone’s throw to the department of Arabic and Islamic Studies which happens to be where he majors in. Currently, he serves as the managing editor of UCJUI and Kuti press. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of Halqah press. To him, life without education is like wealth without health. So he follows his inner man and abhors making fallacious statements.



Meet the latest certified medical practitioner, Nurse Toyin. She is the other nurse on our editorial board apart from Damilola. Do not be fooled by her size, she is one strong lady whom you cannot brush aside so easily.  She serves as the adverts manager for the power house. Perhaps, we should call her the financial power house of the board.



The most updated personnel on the crew. The news you see on the board comes from her news sourcing prowess. She can be everywhere at the same time which makes you want to envy her.  Mololuwa is a sophomore of English, eloquent and ever active. What makes her special is that she is of a complexion we all call beautiful in mother Africa.



Olawale seems to be the only one different from everybody on the crew. He is the only one who specializes in what most Nigerians love; sports. Although he did not study human kinetics or health education, his works on sports is one that is to be reckoned with on campus. Talk of Ajadis’s sports debate with Chucks and you will know this young man is going sports-like places. He doesn’t look it when you sight him, but you get to know who he is when Barca and Madrid are going head to head. Olawale serves as the sports editor on the board and he doubles as the Editor-in-Chief of Voice of Managers.



What is so special about him is not his mesomorph features, it is his name. With a mixed gene of the Yoruba and Igbo tradition, the editorial crew is proud to have him. As a student of Special Education, Ejizz, as his signature reads, paints our board with is creative works. He serves as the cartoonist and his works have been featured on several press boards on campus. One more thing about him… he does not say too much, he let his cartoons do the job.



Okay, now to another titan of the crew. An historian in the making. M I Spy is a lover of investigative journalism. With his research skills, he can dig into what the soldier ants are planning to do next. He serves as the political editor of the editorial board. So next time he comes in contact with you, pick your words carefully or it will be used for or against you in the court of his articles.



Yes, ‘Dunni is a wonderful personality. Being the latest member of the team, she is one of the magicians behind the union’s website. As webmaster 2, she deputies for our webmaster and keep UCJUI on the same page with the 21st century millennial requirement. She is currently the deputy editor-in-chief of FASSA press. She is a writer, blogger, and fashion designer.



And finally, meet…me! Quick facts; I am a lover of arts, a comic maniac, adulterous illustrator, and a student teacher. Well, I am currently the Editor-in-Chief of the crew. If there is one thing that has made me successful thus far, it is the constant support I get from the crew. We are one hell of a team.



At this juncture, the 30 th editorial board will be hanging their pen. This is because a new dawn is upon us and new sets of executives are ready to take up the leadership mantle. We would love to use this opportunities to thank our readers, lovers, fans and critics. It was a wonderful year serving you all by championing freedom by the pen.

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